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Relationship Tools

Enhancing your relationships with clients is essential for your practice management. We have some tools to help.

Clients are our best sales tools.

We think they should be yours too. Over the decades, we’ve built loyalty among our plan sponsor clients, delivering service excellence that has led to high scores in client satisfaction. Now we’re sharing some tools you can use to emphasize the value you bring to their plan.

Visualize retirement

Explore a new way to help clients visualize and prepare
for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

There’s only one thing certain about fiduciary matters: There are plenty of complexities that can overwhelm clients. FiduciarySource® provides you with tools and materials to help clients navigate the ever-changing fiduciary environment.

Fiduciary Guide

Streamlines complex topics into an easy-tounderstand format.

Fiduciary Checklist

Outlines steps for plan sponsors to document and take to help fulfill fiduciary obligations.

Additional Resources

Benchmarking With Reference Point

Our annual Reference Point benchmarking report provides data and actionable insights into plan and participant activity throughout the year. It analyzes key trends and shares expert commentary to help inform plan strategy decisions.

Effective Virtual Meetings

If we learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that virtual meetings—when done well—can be an effective way to meet clients and grow relationships. We’ve created a helpful guide on how to host meetings that meet clients’ expectations and needs.

Stay up to date on the latest topics.

The retirement landscape is continually shifting. Stay on top of what’s coming next with the latest insights on retirement and financial wellness.

Managing Volatility

Let us help you stay prepared for all kinds of changes. This guide provides helpful guidance and tools for navigating change across your business.

Target Date Reenrollment

Every retirement investor is different. Our target date solutions are designed to help plan participants reach their retirement goals—whatever they happen to be.

Working With a Third-Party Administrator (TPA)

Are you tapping in to the value of TPAs to grow your business?

Participant Education

Engaging with participants is central to demonstrating the value you provide your plan sponsor clients. We can help. T. Rowe Price has compiled resources to support participant education and provide helpful tools to use with participants to motivate action.


Clients want to know that their participant data are protected. We make cybersecurity a priority. We deploy enterprise-wide security strategies that ensure participant data are protected.

From Multi-Factor Authentication to Dark Market Monitoring, T. Rowe Price is working to ensure your clients are protected.

Contact us today for more insights on driving results for your clients.

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