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Coronavirus and Markets

The coronavirus’ impact on stocks, bonds, and the economy.

On June 19, 2020, the IRS released Notice 2020-50 to help participants take advantage of coronavirus relief provided under the CARES Act. The Notice includes guidelines for expanded qualification criteria, a safe harbor example with a one-year extended payoff date for loans with suspended repayments, and cancelation of deferral elections to a nonqualified plan due to a coronavirus-related distribution.

We expect heightened levels of volatility in the near-term amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, as with prior market events, we anticipate that long-term retirement plan participants will benefit from staying calm and staying invested.

Congress Passes Coronavirus Relief—Updated (New Deadlines)

The CARES Act provides relief and flexibility for plan participants.

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IRS Provides Coronavirus Relief

Expands CARES Act Relief, Adds Clarifications

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How We’re Investing Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

While wide-ranging opportunities exist, selectivity is key.

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How the Coronavirus Is Reshaping the Blue Chip Universe

Defining potential winners and losers—near and longer term.

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DOL Provides COVID-19 Relief

New Relief Affects ERISA Requirements, Deadlines

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Inflation Should Not Trouble Investors in the Near Term

Central bank money printing is supported by stable dynamics.

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Disruption Accelerated

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the digitization of the economy gathers steam.

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Three Reasons for Optimism Despite Market Uncertainty

Recent economic data has been alarming, but we believe that there are three reasons for optimism, despite market uncertainty.

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Troubled Small Business Relief Program a Stopgap Measure

More steps needed to support small businesses and their employees.

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The Five Stages of a Market Crisis

From denial to acceptance.

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Supporting our local communities

T. Rowe Price is giving back during this time of need.


1965 TRP Client Pamphlet 400 image

Put clients first. Be disciplined and risk-aware.

These values, put in place by our founder, Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., have guided our firm through numerous extraordinary market events over our 80-year history.

While economic conditions and events change and evolve, the best long-term investment strategy is to keep steady and stay the course—regardless of, as Mr. Price wrote, “rumors, reports, and prognostications.”

This paper includes a letter from our founder to investors during a different period of market volatility at the beginning of World War II.

Contact your T. Rowe Price representative to find out how we can take your plan to the next level.