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Coronavirus and Markets

The coronavirus’ impact on stocks, bonds, and the economy.

Retirement Plans and the Coronavirus: 2020 Summary

The pandemic influenced plan and participant behaviors in 2020.

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The “In-Between,” the “New Normal,” and What’s Next...

Tracking the course for global equities to a post‑COVID‑19 world.

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TIPS Attractive Amid Potential for Upside Inflation Surprise

Inflation-adjusted bonds are also useful to hedge credit risk.

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PULSe Indicator: Pandemic Factor Rises to Crisis Levels

Typically this leads Liquidity and Sentiment factors, which may trend higher.

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Asset Allocation Insights: The Challenge of Low but Rising Rates

A low but rising interest rate environment can be challenging for bonds, but, fortunately, it may benefit higher-yielding bonds.

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Finding "Deeper Value" in Emerging Markets

Value‑growth divergence may be peaking.

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The EU-UK trade deal leaves open questions

But the exclusion of some areas brings opportunity for reform.

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Potential Gains Still to Be Found in Global Equities

Seizing the opportunities that higher volatility and mixed news flow will create.

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End of the Fed’s Credit Support Facilities Is Positive

Risk of unintended imbalances in the credit market is lower.

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Supporting our local communities

T. Rowe Price is giving back during this time of need.


1965 TRP Client Pamphlet 400 image

Put clients first. Be disciplined and risk-aware.

These values, put in place by our founder, Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., have guided our firm through numerous extraordinary market events over our 80-year history.

While economic conditions and events change and evolve, the best long-term investment strategy is to keep steady and stay the course—regardless of, as Mr. Price wrote, “rumors, reports, and prognostications.”

This paper includes a letter from our founder to investors during a different period of market volatility at the beginning of World War II.

Contact your T. Rowe Price representative to find out how we can take your plan to the next level.