T. Rowe Price continues to monitor participant activity in response to the new coronavirus so we are positioned to respond to their needs. We have prepared a communication to help them understand how we're responding to the recent market volatility. See the communication.

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Market Volatility

The coronavirus’ impact on stocks, bonds, and the economy.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides federal government support in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and includes provisions related to retirement plans to offer both financial relief and flexibility to plan participants. T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services is prepared to act quickly in supporting plan sponsors as they determine whether or not to adopt these provisions.

We expect heightened levels of volatility in the near-term amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, as with prior market events, we anticipate that long-term retirement plan participants will benefit from staying calm and staying invested.

What Coronavirus Means for Markets Now and Longer Term

Our portfolio managers are carefully implementing very proactive ideas backed by our research and their long-term approach.

Four Stages of a Credit Crisis and Where We are Now

We believe we are in the third phase of the current crisis, targeted risk-taking, and have identified a number of opportunities based on extensive research.

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How a Recession Will Impact Bond Markets

Treasury yields may hit a bottom and credit spreads could peak very soon.

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Thinking About Suspending Employer Contributions?

The coronavirus could prompt plan sponsors to reduce benefits.

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Recession 2020 — Deep but Short

Tracking the COVID‑19 shock.

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Crisis Playbook (Part II) — The Power of “Stop Getting Worse”

Looking beyond to find the best outcomes for clients.

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It’s Time to Start Thinking About the Postcrisis World

Fundamental research can help identify risks and opportunities.

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Changes the Asset Allocation Committee Has Made

Amid the volatility, we remain disciplined in our process.

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Liquidity in Fixed Income Markets

Security selection and communication are integral to our approach.

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Oil Market Volatility Likely to Continue

Opportunities among high-quality commodity producers.

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Global Equities: Embracing Uncertainty

Using our knowledge, experience, and resources to find the best outcome for clients.

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Strong Fiscal Response Needed After Fed Moves on Liquidity

Investors fear central banks have reached the limit of their influence.

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Crisis Playbook—The Fear of Loss and Regret

Approaching the challenges and potential opportunities of market volatility.

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Coronavirus Concerns Shift to New Outbreak Areas

Spread of virus and policy responses will govern long-term impact.

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SARS Is Not a Model for Coronavirus

Drawing parallels between the two outbreaks is tempting but risky.

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Put clients first. Be disciplined and risk-aware.

These values, put in place by our founder, Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., have guided our firm through numerous extraordinary market events over our 80-year history.

While economic conditions and events change and evolve, the best long-term investment strategy is to keep steady and stay the course—regardless of, as Mr. Price wrote, “rumors, reports, and prognostications.”

Read what our founder wrote in a letter to investors during a different period of market volatility at the beginning of World War II.

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