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A digital solution with a proven, step-by-step plan to help employees reach their financial goals.

SmartDollar® provides a path to financial wellness and retirement preparedness.

SmartDollar® is designed to create and maintain engagement, moving participants along a path to financial success.

From foundational principles, such as building an emergency fund, to more advanced activities, including funding college and paying off mortgages, SmartDollar participants will learn and take steps toward financial wellness. These seven steps, called the Baby Steps, are intended to get participants small wins early, which builds momentum and helps create lasting behavior change.

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“We were hearing sad stories of people who wanted to retire but couldn’t. With SmartDollar, we now hear stories of people paying off their debt and saving for the future.” Benefits Manager, Manufacturing

Introduction to SmartDollar

03:19 min. video

Education that inspires. Tools that equip.

The program combines education components with clear, progressive steps to help employees set financial goals. This video will give you a quick overview of SmartDollar and the amazing results employees are seeing all across the country.

SmartDollar makes it easy for companies to launch and help employees reach their financial goals.

Benefits of the T. Rowe Price and SmartDollar® Relationship

  • Integration into the participant website for easy access to SmartDollar® education
  • Robust plan-level reporting
  • Comprehensive education that helps participants balance retirement saving with competing financial goals

For more details on our relationship with SmartDollar® or if would like to share details with your colleagues, download the brochure:

SmartDollar® is not affiliated with T. Rowe Price or its affiliates.

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Contact your T. Rowe Price representative or reach out directly to the SmartDollar team for a personalized presentation to learn more.