From vision to reality

Help Your Clients Visualize Retirement

Tools and resources to help you address an unmet need of preretirees—preparing for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement.

Visualize the nonfinancial side of retirement

Retiring well is about more than just a number. And while it’s important to make sure your clients are financially prepared, many preretirees have a retirement planning need that goes largely unaddressed: the lifestyle and emotional changes that retirement brings.

Plan emotionally for retirement

Complement your financial offer with Visualize Retirement

Program Overview

Visualize Retirement helps preretirees prepare for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement, focusing on the key drivers of retirement happiness and success—lifestyle, health care, and meaning. It starts with helping them explore and define their retirement vision through the five "W's."


And then uses the retirement vision as an input—along with details about their retirement income and planning preferences—to help connect their vision to actionable next steps and the financial decisions needed to support that vision.

Inputs and ways to make it actionable

The program provides:

  • a repeatable, scalable framework providing a full suite of materials focusing on the nonfinancial aspects of retirement
  • a modular design that enables you to connect the program to the work you're already doing


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Program Guide

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Preretiree resources to help make their vision a reality

Our Visualize Retirement materials are designed to go beyond the usual retirement clichés to get preretirees thinking about how their day-to-day lives, relationships, and health could look during retirement, and working toward making their vision a reality.

Preretiree Workshop

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A presentation that walks preretirees through a three-step process to help make their retirement vision a reality.

Preretiree Workbook

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Can be completed during the workshop or at home, either independently or with a spouse/partner to compare and contrast responses.

Preretiree Checklist

Preretiree checklist thumbnail

A checklist that walks preretirees through age-triggered action steps and keeps them on the path toward realizing their vision for retirement.

Some of the materials for preretirees will be available with a co-branded option. Contact us to learn more.

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*Source: Retiree Insights 2018 Survey of Consumers Ages 50-59, Greenwald & Associates/The Diversified Services.


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