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Your expertise. Our experience.
We’re better together.

You're not just a Third-Party Administrator, but a Trusted Plan Advocate.

At T. Rowe Price, we believe in the value you provide. It shows in our shared successes in supporting plan sponsors and financial professionals.

Third-party administrator (TPA) plans accounted for 89% of sales for the 2022 sales season at T. Rowe Price with $0—$50M AUA.1

TPAs + T. Rowe Price: A growth story

Third-party administrators are integral to T. Rowe Price. Here, we see you as a Trusted Plan Advocate.

And our goal is to provide resources to support your needs, from compliance testing to administrative matters. To learn more, watch the video.

Understanding your important role

Our business model doesn’t just support, it emphasizes the role you play.

  • In the $5M to $10M segment, TPA represents 57% of new sales (up from 48% in 2021), while proposals are up 30%. 
  • In the $10M and larger segment, TPA now represents over 40% of new sales (up from 29% in 2021), and proposals are up 69%. 
  • Eight of our 15 sales territories had TPA sales percentages exceed 90%, while others were over 80%.


Special TPA Pricing

We enhanced our TPA pricing model with a 20% reduction on top of our already competitive pricing2

Product Development

We focus 70% of our budget on intermediary development (financial professionals and TPAs)3

Dedicated TPA Sales Consultants

We have a dedicated team of TPA sales consultants to support and lead TPAs

We’ll take on your administrative burden at no additional cost.

Four key components of the service:

  1. Notices are posted in one convenient place.
  2. Participants decide how they'll receive notices.
  3. Plan sponsor reports indicate when notices are delivered to participants.
  4. Notices are archived.

We advocate for TPAs—in our firm and across the industry.

Our head of TPA Markets, Lynn Roy, is actively shining the spotlight on TPAs through her blog series. Check out her recent articles:

  • We're benefiting from working with TPAs

  • Uncovering the value of a TPA


A simple digital experience that does more.

Our TPA digital portal can help keep your business moving. Check out the benefits of myPLANnetwork:

  • Reporting capabilities
  • TPA fee adjustments
  • Training webinars
  • And much more

There's so much we can do together to help you build your business. Connect with us and let's discuss the possibilities.

Important Information

1T. Rowe Price Core Market Sales Report, April 2022.

2A 20% reduction in pricing for target date default scenarios into a T. Rowe Price target date series is effective immediately.

3As of final product budget for 2022.