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Our Research Findings

At T. Rowe Price, we're on a mission to enable and encourage individuals to reach their retirement goals—with confidence. We invest in retirement plan and participant behavior research for one very important reason: It helps us identify insights and trends that we can use to create products and services that drive outcomes.

Our Latest Findings

See how we transform research into action for our plan sponsor and advisor clients.

2023 Defined Contribution Consultant Research Study

Our third annual study captures retirement views from the defined contribution consulting and advisory community.

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Participant Reactions: 2023 Midyear Report

Our latest reactions takes a look at participant activity during the first half of 2023.

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Planning for Spending Volatility in Retirement

Retirement income solutions should incorporate liquidity for cash flows and growth opportunities to potentially enhance retirement outcomes.

SECURE 2.0 Could Boost the Financial Wellness Landscape

Employers could help their plan populations address barriers to retirement savings through optional provisions in SECURE 2.0.

Planning for Unexpected Health Care Costs in Retirement

Most retirees won’t experience an expense shock, but everyone should plan for it.

The Truth About Health Care Expenses Late in Life

Many retirees fear outliving their savings, but those fears are likely overstated.

Health Care Costs in Retirement

A NEW WAY TO CALCULATE HEALTH CARE COSTS IN RETIREMENT. A recent survey from T. Rowe Price found that retirees list health care as their top spending concern. That's not surprising given some studies' six-figure predictions on costs. However, we believe that there's a more effective - and less intimidating - way to calculate and plan for future retiree health care expenses.

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