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The Participant Retirement Income Experience

Comprehensive. Insightful. Personalized.

“Occupation: Retiree” Campaign
2023 First-Place P&I Eddy Award Winner

Educating and Empowering Employees to Help Improve Retirement Outcomes

The T. Rowe Price retirement income experience is designed to engage and encourage participants wherever they are along their retirement journey. Helping participants better understand how today’s savings becomes tomorrow’s income inspires them to feel excited and hopeful about the freedom of retirement—and can drive better outcomes.

Our strategic approach combines a synergistic mix of comprehensive content and tools, distributed via an award-winning communications campaign as well as online and through mobile:

Retirement Income Planner

  • A digital experience designed to inspire participants to improve their long-term retirement outcomes with insights, progression tracking, and calls to action

“Occupation: Retiree” Communications Campaign

  • First-place P&I Eddy Award winner
  • Encourages participants to interact with the retirement income experience
  • Web messaging on the participant site homepage

Insightful and Relevant Multimedia Content

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Articles and white papers
128% number

increase in traffic to the Retirement Income landing page from email campaigns as compared with daily page view averages.*

* Source: T. Rowe Price Adobe Analytics 5/14/2021 - 6/8/2022

Highlight: Retirement Income Planner Powered by Personalized Data Analytics

Helps participants improve their long-term retirement outcomes via an interactive user experience. Participants can read educational content, model monthly income amounts, aggregate their assets, and track their progress to drive positive actions.

Fully integrated within the digital participant experience— online and through the mobile app.

Participant Retirement Income Experience laptop homepage

Interested Participants Are Engaged Participants

When participants receive relevant messaging about retirement income with clear direction and actionable steps, they engage. The more knowledgeable they are about the steps and actions they can take, the more confident their decision-making.

Traffic to the Retirement Income landing page doubled within one week of the web message launch and increased 42% on the day of the email launched when compared with the daily average.*

* Source: T. Rowe Price Adobe Analytics 5/14/2021–6/8/2022

Contact your T. Rowe Price representative today to discover how our retirement income experience can inspire your participants to improve their long-term retirement outcomes.