Separately Managed Accounts

Expertly crafted portfolios for sophisticated investors.

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SMAs combine the expertise of T. Rowe Price professional management, with the flexibility of an approach that considers investor's personal needs and preferences.



Access to portfolio holdings and transaction history make it easy to compare performance against goals and objectives.

Tax Efficient


Investors have the flexibility to buy or sell specified portfolio holdings in order to manage their tax needs.

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Our SMA Strategies

  • U.S. Equity
  • International Equity
  • Fixed Income
  • Asset Allocation

U.S. Blue Chip Growth Equity SMA

Invests primarily in large U.S. companies that demonstrate long-term and durable, all-season growth and are well-established in their respective industries.

U.S. Dividend Growth Equity SMA

The fund will normally invest 65% of the fund’s total assets in common stocks of dividend-paying companies that we expect to increase their dividends over time and also provide long-term capital appreciation. We identify companies with a sustainable competitive advantage that are likely to show consistent growth of earnings and dividends.

U.S. Growth Stock SMA

Seeks to invest in primarily common stocks of large U.S. companies that demonstrate high earnings growth, are positioned to benefit from powerful secular trends, and use innovation to gain a competitive edge.

U.S. Large-Cap Core Equity SMA

Invests across sectors and agnostic of style to find high-quality large-cap U.S. companies that exhibit compelling business models and strong management teams.

U.S. Large-Cap Equity Income SMA

Aims to provide investors with income and capital appreciation through a conservative, relative value investment approach. The strategy focuses on finding high-quality dividend-paying companies with strong brands, franchises, or assets that appear undervalued.

U.S. Value Equity SMA

Seeks to invest in high-quality companies that have promising financial outlooks and the potential for improved investor perception as they address issues that caused their valuations to become temporarily depressed.

International Core Equity SMA

Offers core international exposure by looking across the style spectrum for non-U.S. companies that have a favorable combination of growth prospects, fundamentals, and valuations.

U.S. Municipal Intermediate-Term Bond SMA

Seeks to maximize tax-free income by investing in intermediate term municipal bonds, with an emphasis on revenue bonds and holdings that are rated A- or better at time of purchase.

U.S. Municipal Short Intermediate-Term Bond SMA

Aims to generate tax-free income through investing in short-intermediate municipal bonds. Portfolio will have an emphasis on revenue bonds and bonds that have an A- or better rating at time of purchase.

U.S. Risk Managed Dynamic Allocation SMA

Seeks attractive long term returns by investing approximately 50% in a core portfolio of individual U.S. large cap equities. With the goal of stabilizing the portfolio’s risk profile, the other 50% is dynamically allocated between U.S. equities and fixed income, primarily through the use of index ETFs. Depending on forecast risk, the total portfolio may range between 50% to 100% equity exposure with fixed income exposure ranging from 0% to 50%.

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