Portfolio Construction Solutions

Our Expertise. Your Investment Process.

We’re here to help you navigate your portfolios
through volatile markets.

Portfolio Construction Solutions

Our Expertise. Your Investment Process.

We’re here to help you navigate your portfolios
through volatile markets.

In an industry where change is the only constant, we’re here to help you prepare for what lies ahead. Portfolio Construction Solutions is an integrated suite of services designed to enhance investment outcomes and position your practice for success.

No matter where you are on your portfolio construction journey, we can help. Each program within our suite of Portfolio Construction Solutions is built specifically for financial professionals and is supported by the global resources and capabilities of T. Rowe Price’s Multi-Asset Division.

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Deepen Ongoing Due Diligence

Watch Portfolio Construction Specialist Amy Seman, CFA discuss how our suite can bolster your due diligence process.

A suite of Portfolio Construction Solutions for financial professionals…

Art of Clean Up®

For financial professionals with too many investment strategies and not enough time to assess them effectively.

Evaluate your investment strategies across several key metrics to help streamline your book of business, consolidate portfolios, and focus on improving investment outcomes.

Model Construction

For financial professionals who want scalable model portfolios to grow their practice and improve investment outcomes.

Work with a dedicated Portfolio Construction Specialist to build a custom suite of model portfolios that reflect your preferences for asset allocation and manager selection.

Asset Allocation Model Review

For financial professionals looking to maintain or improve alignment of their portfolios and investment objectives.

Receive complimentary, confidential recommendations on allocation adjustments for portfolios to help address risks, enhance consistency, and improve investment outcomes.

Portfolio Construction Insights

Did You Miss the Rotation from Growth to Value?
Many investment portfolios continue to be overweight to growth over value stocks, but our research suggests that diversifying by investment style historically has improved returns, efficiency, and consistency.

Fixed Income Plus Sectors: Opportunities and Risks
Fixed income plus sectors seek to enhance yields and returns, but their risks could result in portfolios that are misaligned with a client's risk tolerance.


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Whether you’re ready to put the power of Portfolio Construction Solutions to work for you and your practice, or if you simply have questions about our full set of multi-asset solutions, we’re ready to talk.

Your T. Rowe Price Investment Consultant is ready to answer questions and guide you toward solutions that maximize your opportunities for success.



Build your practice with solutions and insights

An Integrated Solution Set
Integrated Solution Set

Learn how the full power of Portfolio Construction Solutions could benefit you and your practice.

A well-structured manager search can increase your confidence, help address regulatory consideration, maximize investment outcomes, and free up time to focus on your practice.

Our research suggests that many investment portfolios are underweight international equities. A broadly diversified approach to international stocks could enhance investment outcomes.

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Asset Allocation Viewpoints

Get the latest thinking from our Asset Allocation Committee to understand how we position our multi-asset portfolios.

Multi-Asset Expertise

Our Portfolio Construction Solutions are built on the same foundation that supports our world-class asset allocation capabilities.

Portfolio Construction Solutions discussed are available only to financial professionals and not the retail public. 

Art of Clean Up® and Asset Allocation Model Review are offered by T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc. Model Construction Services are offered by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice or a recommendation to take any particular investment action. This information is not intended to reflect a current or past recommendation concerning investments, investment strategies, or account types, advice of any kind, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities or investment services. The opinions and commentary provided do not take into account the investment objectives or financial situation of any particular investor or class of investor. Please consider your own circumstances before making an investment decision.

Past performance cannot guarantee future results. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. Diversification neither assures a profit nor eliminates the risk of experiencing investment losses.

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