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Inspire clients to succeed with financial coaching

Planning doesn’t equal execution. Take clients from good intentions to tangible actions with these turnkey coaching resources.

expected increase in robo/AI advice platforms by 2027.1


of the highest earners under age 50 want a financial coach.2


of clients implement less than 20% of the advice they receive. And 20% don’t implement any of their financial plan.3

How often do you put a lot of time and energy into creating a financial plan only to see it go unfulfilled? It's frustrating and it happens all the time. Four numbers paint a grin picture: fifty, twenty, twenty, zero. Fifty percent of clients who pay for a formal plan implement less than twenty percent of the recommendations, and almost twenty percent don't implement any recommendations at all.

Chances are it's not because it's a bad plan, nor is it because the clients think it's a bad plan. Numbers and logic make your clients think, but it's an emotional connection that will inspire them to act. Our Next Wave of Advice: Differentiate Through Coaching program, helps advisors leverage the qualities and processes of exceptional coaches to unlock the additional financial potential that exists in all of your clients and prospects.

In a broader context, two of the biggest issues advisors face over the next decade are how to stay relevant against increasingly sophisticated and competitive technology, and how to connect with your clients of tomorrow better than your human competition. You stay relevant versus technology by delivering something that only humans are uniquely qualified to deliver, which is how you make your clients feel.

It's no longer just about the money. It's making your clients feel so money about their money. You accomplish the second by standing out in a way that the next wave of clients wants you to. And the majority of high earners under the age of 50 have told us that they want advisors to play the role of coach. And in an industry slow to evolve from the traditional money manager mentality, adding coaching to the client experience may take both you and them a long way. Simply put, our Next Wave of Advice program helps to accomplish both. And it helps ensure that the plans you put a lot of time and effort into creating don't sit unappreciated in a folder for the next twelve months.

Why coaching? Why now?

Better client relationships and better business results are possible. Learn how coaching can make it happen, and why now is the time to consider embracing a coaching approach.

The financial coaching your clients want.

Use these resources to position yourself for success with current and future clients.

Differentiate with financial coaching

Explore the research and data behind coaching’s effectiveness with young investors, and discover concrete steps for implementing coaching in your practice.

Understanding the 3 C's of coaching

Curiosity, courage, and compassion are the fundamental financial coaching skills. Learn why they’re important to investors and how to build them into your practice.

4 Steps to coaching success

Learn how to identify client traits, spot new financial coaching opportunities, strategize your approach, and take action to produce results.

Put it into practice.

Use these tools to understand and connect with clients–and offer more personalized financial coaching.

The Financial Behavior Assessment

Use clients’ answers to these money management questions to get a more accurate picture of how their emotions and behaviors are impacting their financial success.

Your guide to the assessment

Our three-step process helps you use findings from the Financial Behavior Assessment to inform your existing approach.

The benefits of coaching

Use this in one-one-one conversations or guide clients and prospects through the coaching process.

Your Next Wave program at a glance

From research highlights to step-by-step coaching tips, we provide a convenient summary of all the Next Wave of Advice components you can use to evolve your practice.

Changing demographics workshops

Our behavioral finance series helps you take the first step in evolving to serve your client base: connecting with families, women, and the next generation of investors.

Explore these complementary Practice Management programs.

Prospecting the Next Wave of Wealth

The top 10% of earners under 50 represent an outsized opportunity to grow your practice—but these prospects think and behave differently from your current clients. Find out how to connect with them.

Make meaningful connections with women investors

For the first time in U.S. history, women control more personal wealth than men. Explore how to engage and serve women investors more effectively.

Contact us.

Learn more about how we can help you, your clients, and your practice succeed.

1 CFA Institute, “Future State of the Investment Industry,” 2023.

2 T. Rowe Price Next Wave of Wealth Research Study, January 2020. Highest earners here is defined as the top 10% of earners under age 50.

3 Wealth Professional, “When formal financial plans are a poor fit,”


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