U.S. Large-Cap Equity Income SMA

Aims to provide investors with income and capital appreciation through a conservative, relative value investment approach. The strategy focuses on finding high-quality dividend-paying companies with strong brands, franchises, or assets that appear undervalued.
John D.  Linehan, CFA
Portfolio Manager

John D. Linehan is the portfolio manager for the U.S. Large Cap Equity Income Strategy, U.S. Select Value Strategy and co-portfolio manager for the US Large-Cap Value Equity Strategy in the U.S. Equity Division. In addition, he is the chief investment officer of Equity and a member of the firm's U.S. Equity Steering and Equity Brokerage and Trading Control Committees. He also is a vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., and T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Investment Approach

We employ fundamental research and active, bottom-up stock selection to construct a portfolio of higher-quality companies, with a focus on stocks  that generate above average income. We favor names featuring compelling valuations, attractive long-term fundamentals, and strong dividend yields.

  • Employ a value-oriented investment approach
  • Focus on companies with an above-average dividend yield – always a positive component of total return.
  • Utilize a thorough "bottom-up" fundamental research evaluation of each holding.


All investments are subject to risk, including possible loss of principal. The value approach to investing carries the risk  that the market will not recognize a security's intrinsic value for a long time or that a stock judged to be undervalued may actually be appropriately priced. The portfolio's value investing style may become out of favor, which may result in periods of underperformance.

Why A T. Rowe Price SMA

T. Rowe Price’s SMAs offer access to our firm’s expertise to identify opportunities and pursue solid, long-term results through our disciplined approach to investing. We are focused on helping our clients invest confidently. Backed by our experience over many investment cycles, our SMAs provide one more way to access T. Rowe Price’s established active management approach.


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