Ticker Symbol Name of Fund Qualified Dividend (estimated percentage) Income Dividend Dividend From Net Income Short-Term Capital Gains Long-Term Capital Gains NAV Total CG as a % of NAV Record Date Ex-Dividend Date Payment Date

* The data reflected in the Tax Center for Preliminary Year-End Distributions are estimates and subject to change up until the declaration date of each fund. The NAV and Total Capital Gain as a % of NAV are as of 10/31/2023. These estimates were published on 11/22/2023.

The Qualified Dividend column reflects the portion of income dividends and short-term capital gains that are eligible to be taxed as qualified dividends. To the extent a fund receives qualified dividends from stocks it holds, it can designate all or a portion of the dividends it pays as qualifying for taxation at the federal long-term capital gains rate (maximum rate of 20%).



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