Capacity Constrained Strategies

We are committed to meeting the needs of current shareholders by investing in a manner that is consistent with the funds' objectives. By closing or restricting access to the funds to new investors, we believe we will preserve our ability to achieve the funds' objectives.

To ensure that our intermediary partners understand how these policies affect their underlying customers and overall business, it is important to understand the differences between official fund closings and the fund restrictions imposed by T. Rowe Price as the result of fund capacity concernsĀ¹.

Closed Funds

  • A prospectus supplement generally is filed with the SEC announcing a fund's official closing to new investors
  • No new accounts or initial purchases from intermediary or direct customers will be accepted after the fund's closing dateĀ¹
  • Existing shareholders of the fund may continue to make subsequent purchases
  • Existing retirement plans may continue to permit access to new participants but no new plans may use the closed fund as an option in their investment lineup
  • Existing contract holders and separate accounts invested in the closed Variable Insurance Portfolios (VIPs) may continue to purchase shares of the closed VIP. Shares generally may not be purchased by a contract holder, separate account or insurance company not invested in the VIP prior to the fund's closing date
Funds closed to new investors
Fund Name Share Class Ticker Cusip Closing Date
Capital Appreciation Fund Inv PRWCX 77954M105 06/30/2014
Capital Appreciation Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PACLX 77954M204 06/30/2014
Capital Appreciation Fund - I Class I Cl TRAIX 77954M303 06/30/2014
Emerging Markets Stock Fund Inv PRMSX 77956H864 09/04/2018
Emerging Markets Stock Fund - I Class I Cl PRZIX 77956H484 09/04/2018
High Yield Fund Inv PRHYX 741481105 04/27/2012
High Yield Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PAHIX 741481204 04/27/2012
High Yield Fund - I Class I Cl PRHIX 741481303 04/27/2012
Institutional Emerging Markets Equity Fund Inv IEMFX 74144Q203 09/04/2018
Institutional High Yield Fund Inv TRHYX 77958B204 04/27/2012
Institutional Mid-Cap Equity Growth Fund Inv PMEGX 45775L101 12/08/2003
Institutional Small-Cap Stock Fund Inv TRSSX 45775L309 12/31/2013
International Discovery Fund Inv PRIDX 77956H302 04/02/2018
International Discovery Fund - I Class I Cl TIDDX 77956H377 04/02/2018
Mid-Cap Growth Fund Inv RPMGX 779556109 05/31/2010
Mid-Cap Growth Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PAMCX 779556208 05/31/2010
Mid-Cap Growth Fund - I Class I Cl RPTIX 779556406 05/31/2010
Mid-Cap Growth Fund - R Class R RRMGX 779556307 05/31/2010
Mid-Cap Growth Portfolio N/A N/A 77954T407 12/08/2003
Mid-Cap Growth Portfolio II N/A N/A 77954T803 12/08/2003
New Horizons Fund Inv PRNHX 779562107 12/31/2013
New Horizons Fund - I Class I Cl PRJIX 779562206 12/31/2013
Small-Cap Stock Fund Inv OTCFX 779572106 12/31/2013
Small-Cap Stock Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PASSX 779572403 12/31/2013
Small-Cap Stock Fund - I Class I Cl OTIIX 779572502 12/31/2013

Restricted Funds

  • A prospectus supplement generally is not filed with the SEC
  • A fund may be restricted for purchases made through financial intermediaries but open to customers who trade directly with T. Rowe Price
  • Financial intermediaries may continue to open new underlying customer accounts provided the platform on which they offer access to the fund has an existing funded position
  • Intermediary usage of restricted funds by platforms without an existing funded position in the fund requires written approval by designated T. Rowe Price personnel
Funds restricted for use by financial intermediaries

Access to these funds requires prior written approval before a new account may be opened.

Fund Name Share Class Ticker Cusip
Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund Inv PRDMX 779585108
Diversified Mid-Cap Growth Fund - I Class I Cl RPTTX 779585207
Global Growth Stock Fund Inv RPGEX 77956H732
Global Growth Stock Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PAGLX 77956H716
Global Growth Stock Fund - I Class I Cl RGGIX 77956H294
Global Stock Fund Inv PRGSX 77956H856
Global Stock Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PAGSX 77956H765
Global Stock Fund - I Class I Cl TRGLX 77956H328
Global Technology Fund Inv PRGTX 741494108
Global Technology Fund - I Class I Cl PGTIX 741494306
Health Sciences Fund Inv PRHSX 741480107
Health Sciences Fund - I Class I Cl THISX 87281Y102
Health Sciences Portfolio N/A N/A 77954T605
Health Sciences Portfolio II N/A N/A 77954T886
Japan Fund Inv PRJPX 77956H708
Japan Fund - I Class I Cl RJAIX 77956H286
Mid-Cap Value Fund Inv TRMCX 77957Y106
Mid-Cap Value Fund - Advisor Class Advisor TAMVX 77957Y304
Mid-Cap Value Fund - I Class I Cl TRMIX 77957Y403
Mid-Cap Value Fund - R Class R RRMVX 77957Y205
QM U.S. Small-Cap Growth Equity Fund Inv PRDSX 779917103
QM U.S. Small-Cap Growth Equity Fund - Advisor Class Advisor TQAAX 87283A201
QM U.S. Small-Cap Growth Equity Fund - I Class I Cl TQAIX 87283A102
Science & Technology Fund Inv PRSCX 77957M102
Science & Technology Fund - Advisor Class Advisor PASTX 77957M201
Science & Technology Fund - I Class I Cl TSNIX 87282N105

1 - Exceptions

Certain limited exceptions may apply to these scenarios.  The funds reserve the right, when in the judgment of T. Rowe Price, it is not adverse to a fund's interest, to permit certain types of investors to open new accounts in a fund, to impose further restrictions, or to close a fund to any additional investments, all without notice.

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