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M.L. Fletcher, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Northeastern U.S.
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  • Office: 855.312.4053
  • Email

Victor Pita, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Southeastern U.S.
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  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Rich Schultz, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Central U.S.
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  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Tom Bauer, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Midwestern U.S.
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  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Heidi Kaney,

Divisional Sales Manager—Western U.S.
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  • Office: 855.312.7520
  • Email

Brendan Asaff, CIMA®, QPFC,

Regional Manager, Intermediary Sales Consultants
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  • Office: 410.345.4972
  • Email

Tom Morelli,

U.S. Intermediaries, Head of Broker/Dealer
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  • Office: 410.345.3480
  • Email

Cheryl Pipia,

U.S. Intermediaries, Head of Integrated Sales
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  • Office: 410.577.8213
  • Email

Intermediary Services

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  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email
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