General Inquiries

    Financial Professionals
  • 877.561.7670
  • Email
    Defined Contribution Investment Only
  • 800.371.4613
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    Variable Annuity
  • 855.829.5343
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    Technical Support
  • 866.445.2306

Intermediary Services

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  • Office: 877.561.7670
  • Email

Megan Hopps,

Divisional Sales Manager—Northern U.S.
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  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Victor Pita, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Southern U.S.
Biography Thumbnail for Victor Pita, CIMA®
  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Rich Schultz, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Central U.S.
Biography Thumbnail for Rich Schultz, CIMA®
  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Tom Bauer, CIMA®,

Divisional Sales Manager—Western U.S.
Biography Thumbnail for Tom Bauer, CIMA®
  • Office: 800.564.6958
  • Email

Chris Ferrara,

Head of Broker/Dealer Internal Sales
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  • Office: 443-683-2420
  • Email

Brendan Asaff, CIMA®, QPFC,

Regional Manager, Intermediary Sales Consultants
Biography Thumbnail for Brendan Asaff, CIMA®, QPFC
  • Office: 410.345.4972
  • Email

Cheryl Armitage,

Regional Manager, Intermediary Sales Consultants
Biography Thumbnail for Cheryl Armitage
  • Office: 410.345.2439
  • Email

Dan Funk, CFP®,

Regional Manager, Intermediary Sales Consultants
Biography Thumbnail for Dan Funk, CFP®
  • Office: 719.278.6194
  • Email

Tom Morelli,

U.S. Intermediaries, Head of Broker/Dealer
Biography Thumbnail for Tom Morelli
  • Office: 410.345.3480
  • Email

Jim Cronin, CIMA®,

U.S. Intermediaries, Head of Broker-Dealer Field Distribution
Biography Thumbnail for Jim Cronin, CIMA®
  • Office: 410.746.3160
  • Email

Cheryl Pipia,

U.S. Intermediaries, Head of Internal Sales & Client Service
Biography Thumbnail for Cheryl Pipia
  • Office: 410.577.8213
  • Email
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