U.S. Growth Stock SMA

Seeks to invest in primarily common stocks of large U.S. companies that demonstrate high earnings growth, are positioned to benefit from powerful secular trends, and use innovation to gain a competitive edge.
Joseph Fath
Portfolio Manager

Joe Fath is the portfolio manager for the U.S. Growth Stock Equity Strategy, including the Growth Stock Fund, in which he is chairman of the investment advisory committee.  He is a vice president and member of the investment advisory committee of the U.S. Quantitative US, U.S. Mid-Cap Growth Equity, U.S. Communications and Technology and U.S. Large-Cap Growth Equity Strategies.   He is vice president of T. Rowe Price Group. 

Investment Approach

  • Focus on companies with double-digit earnings and cash flow growth - emphasize sustainable growth, not momentum growth. 
  • Integrate fundamental research - seek high-quality earnings, strong free cash flow growth, and seasoned management teams with a demonstrated history of thoughtful capital allocation. 
  • Capitalize on differences between cyclical and secular growth - essential to successful growth investing.
  • Avoid overpaying for growth, while broadly diversifying portfolios, to manage portfolio risk.
  • Integrate non-U.S. stocks in a measured fashion to add value versus the benchmarks. 

Current Year Performance

Past performance cannot guarantee future results. All investments are subject to risks, including possible loss of principal.

1 Net annual returns reflect the deduction of a 3.00% annual wrap fee which is the maximum anticipated wrap fee deducted from the “pure” gross composite returns. Actual fees may vary. “Pure” gross returns are presented before the deduction of expenses and all other fees, but may include transaction costs. Returns include reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. 

Team (As of 03/31/2020)

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