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Economic and market commentary to inform your decision-making

Biden's policy proposals, including fiscal stimulus and tax hikes, could have mixed implications for investors if enacted.

U.S. equity market concentration has become acutely apparent in recent years, effectively changing the game for active investors in the hunt for alpha (excess returns).

Fallen angels have historically performed well, but coronavirus-driven uncertainty means investors should proceed cautiously.

Valuation gaps appear extreme, and we are seeing opportunities in stocks that have been left behind in the momentum-driven rally.

Following the market rebound, we are relying on our strategic investing approach to identify selective opportunities.

Resources to strengthen your relationship with clients

Coordinate effective strategies for keeping clients calm and invested, weathering the ups and downs of unpredictable markets, and helping them achieve financial goals.

Recommended investment strategies to consider for managing to the other side.

The CARES Act was enacted to provide relief to Americans facing financial challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Asset allocation resources to support better investment outcomes

Portfolio Construction Solutions Image

Learn how the full power of Portfolio Construction Solutions could benefit you and your practice.

It’s been a bumpy road to recovery, but key metrics indicate that now may be a good time to add U.S. small-caps to investor portfolios.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation Viewpoints

In the current investing environment, discover how our Asset Allocation Committee is positioning its portfolios.

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Optimize financial portfolios for economic recovery with investor resources designed to help you explore important asset class outlooks.

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