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Retirement Pulse

Retirement Pulse: Your Savings at Work: Foundations of Saving for Retirement

Executive Summary

Participant education regarding retirement planning is an ongoing process. Formal education meetings are one form of communication, but it is helpful to have other options at your disposal. The short educational video series "Your Savings at Work: Foundations of Saving for Retirement" is a good way to reach qualified plan participants who have limited access to meetings or those who may need a little reinforcement of the importance of saving for their future. Each of the videos focuses on a slightly different aspect of the retirement saving and planning process, so you can use whichever video is most helpful.

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    Use one or more of the videos within a presentation to vary the format of your next financial planning education meeting. Just copy and paste the “View Video” link below to embed the video within a presentation or share via email.

    • Intro - Saving for the future through a workplace retirement plan isn't rocket science. It boils down to a few basics. Explore these quick videos to learn what they are and how you can achieve them.
    • Know where you stand - The first step to reaching your retirement goals is knowing where you stand. Watch to learn how you can determine your progress toward your retirement vision.
    • Saving enough - Saving enough now is important for success in retirement later. Watch to learn how much to save each year and steps you can take to get there.
    • Contribution type - Your plan may have different options for how you can contribute your savings. Weigh the unique advantages of each, and choose which is best for you.
    • Invest savings appropriately - You have different options on how to invest your contributions based on your plan's features. Watch this video to understand two possible ways you could invest your savings.
    • Emergency savings - Life often throws curveballs. Watch to learn how saving for the unexpected could help to keep your retirement saving strategy on track.
    • Closing - There are a few foundational concepts that, when put into practice, could help improve your overall readiness. Let's review.
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