Our accessibility commitment

T. Rowe Price is committed to providing digital experiences that are inclusive and accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we currently design and develop our services to conform with the generally accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility, World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Levels A and AA (“WCAG 2.1 AA”).  

How we support website accessibility 

  • Our associates partner with experienced accessibility consultants to move toward substantial conformance with WCAG 2.1AA. 
  • We train our teams in accessible service design and maintenance so that accessibility is an integral part of their development process. 
  • Using assistive tools and resources, our site’s accessibility receives regular engineering and user experience assessments.

Customizing your experience

While this site has been created to be usable ‘as is,’ you may get the most accessible experience by customizing your computer or mobile device’s features to suit your individual needs – for example: to use a text-to-voice tool, to change its colour-scheme, or increase the size of its text.  

You can visit the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) WAI’s Better Web Browsing: Tips for Customizing your Computer to learn how to use these accessibility features. 

Reporting accessibility issues

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of our site. Fill out this survey to tell us about any accessibility issues you’ve found. To help us understand the issue more quickly, please supply a description of the issue you are experiencing and specify the page or the service you were trying to access.