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On the Horizon

How central bank policy could impact your portfolio

Expectations of central bank policy have shifted since the beginning of the year. What factors will shape the path of ratecuts in the second half of 2024?

Latest insights

What to know right now

From the Field

Three Fed scenarios, same result: higher yields, steeper curves

Ignore the noise. Very little has actually changed.

In the Loop

What factors are driving U.S. exceptionalism, and will they last?

U.S. economic growth has outperformed other developed markets, and inflation has been stickier.

From the Field

The benefits of hedged diversification

Non-U.S. bonds currently offer higher yields on a currency-hedged basis

From the Field

Let’s get real (about interest rates)

Higher real rates in the coming years might favor value stocks.

Make Your Plan

Five things to know about 529-to-Roth IRA rollovers

Beneficiaries of 529 plans can get a jump on retirement if funds are not needed to cover education costs.

In the Spotlight

The Angle podcast

The Angle podcast brings you sharp insights on the forces shaping financial markets. With dynamic perspectives from the T. Rowe Price global investing team and special guests, curious investors can gain an information edge on today’s evolving market themes. Better questions, better insights. The Angle - only from T. Rowe Price.

In the Loop

Global markets weekly update

Keep up-to-date on our views on developments in global capital markets.

Make Your Plan

Need to boost your retirement savings? Spend less to save more

While many investors know they should be saving more for retirement, they’re often confounded by the less commonly addressed question, “How”?

Make Your Plan

Survey reveals the rising importance of financial planning at retirement

It’s important to establish a formal retirement withdrawal strategy leading into retirement

From the Field

How do U.S. elections affect stock market performance?

It’s the economy that matters for U.S. presidential elections and stocks.

From the Field

Momentum: Don’t fear the reapers (of high profits)

History shows that momentum-driven markets don’t necessarily lead to market downturns.

From the Field

Hedging inflation risk

Recession fears are fading, but inflation concerns are on the rise.

Make Your Plan

Six steps to achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE)

With proper preparation, early retirement could be an option for investors at a variety of income levels.

From the Field

Vietnam: Asia’s next frontier tiger

Tailwinds are gathering to support another major leap.

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