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Visualize Retirement

Explore a new way for advisors to help clients visualize and prepare for the non-financial aspects of retirement.

Qualitative Feedback From Retirees Has Shown, and Research Has Validated, That There are Several Key Components of a Retirees Life that Impact Their Level of Happiness:

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An active social life in retirement has tremendous mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

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Health Care

Not just the cost of staying healthy, but how will you care for yourself; and the role you may play in the care of others.

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Redefining or reshaping their identity during retirement is importanty for clients.

Within These Three Core Themes, We’ll Help Pre-Retirees Explore and Define Their Vision Through the Five “Ws”:

  • Who they’ll spend their time with and will be part of their support
  • Where they want to live
  • What they want/need to do
  • When they would like to retire
  • Why: Finding purpose and fulfillment
infographic for 5Ws: what, where, when, why, who


Complement Your Financial Offer With Visualize Retirement

Visualize Retirement allows advisors to:

  • Differentiate your approach to an under-served and financially mature demographic
  • Use an emotional approach to retirement planning, which connects directly to your financial offer
  • Align expectations with outcomes: use the vision worksheet with participants to clarify their vision for retirement and ensure they have a plan to finance their vision.
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Resources for Advisors


Reap the Benefits of a Focused Workforce. Visualize Retirement Offers Plan Sponsors:



Enhanced Workforce Flexibility

Employees with a clear picture of their retirement are more likely to retire when they want to, as opposed to when they have to, which can simplify key personnel decisions.



Cost Mitigation

If aging workers are retiring on time, their impact on payroll, healthcare, and workers’ compensation costs will decrease.


Satisfaction and Retention

Employees may be more loyal to an organization that takes a holistic approach to improving their retirement outcomes.


Tools for Confident Reflection. Visualize Retirement Workshop.

Our Visualize Retirement materials are designed to go beyond the usual retirement clichés and get participants thinking about how their day-to-day lives, their relationships, and their health could look during retirement.

  • Seminar – a presentation that gives a comprehensive overview of the Visualize Retirement program.
  • Workbook – Can be completed during the seminar, independently, or with a spouse to compare and contrast responses.
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Learn more about Visualize Retirement for participants.

Visualize Retirement Conversation Starters

Brief articles designed to demystify the nonfinancial side of retirement.

screenshot of throwing the switch article

Throwing the Switch from Saving to Spending

When going from a saving to a spending mindset, it will to to start with rules of thumb, and then personalize them to match your spending habits to your lifestyle.

screenshot of having a plan article

Having a Plan–And A Vision–For Retirement

When it comes to retirement–your much-awaited destination after many years of hard work and saving–do you know where you are going? Do you have a plan?