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Resources to use with your clients--helping you stay informed and effective.


You need innovative tools and timely thinking to work effectively with your clients. We're dedicated to bringing you appropriate tools to help you stand out, seize opportunities, and succeed, including:

  • Plan sponsor resources to inspire effective plan management
  • Participant touchpoints to help drive retirement readiness
  • Target date research to inform decision-making for investment committees

Visualize Retirement

Explore a new way to help clients visualize and prepare for the nonfinancial aspects of retirement.

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Advisor Resources to Grow Your Business and Remain Efficient

When you collaborate with T. Rowe Price, you'll have access to strategic insights, proprietary research, and relevant consultation to help grow your business. Consider these valuable resources you can use to manage your business or move it forward.

  • Hosting Video Calls Like a Pro
  • Prospecting Tools to Help Grow Your Business
  • Resources for Plan Sponsors
  • Our Insights
  • Relevant Blog Articles, Infographics, and Videos

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Our Insights

Our proprietary and up-to-date insights and reports can help strengthen your value to plan sponsors. At T. Rowe Price, we strive to deliver consistent and accurate information, which includes in-depth data and observations about the prospect, client, and participant perspectives--from design to engagement.

Plan Participant Education Presentations

The following presentations are for advisors to use as a baseline for participant meetings. These core presentations can be enhanced to provide depth around specific topics. Consistent messaging and corresponding suggested calls to action can be found throughout the presentations listed below:

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Retirement Savings Strategies

This presentation provides an overview of the most important plan details and retirement savings strategies. It is designed to inform employees of their plan's features, how to use those features to build their own savings strategy, and how advisors can help as individuals save, invest, and plan for retirement.

Image of Plan Conversion ppt deck

Retirement Plan Conversion

A customizable presentation that provides an overview of what employees need to know about their plan conversion, such as important dates, plan features, and how to monitor and manage their accounts. Features covered include plan eligibility, contribution types and limits, and investment options.


Consider an Age-Based Approach to Investing

Gives participants an overview of the age-based investment options available from T. Rowe Price that offer instant diversification with a professionally managed mix of investments and automatic rebalancing.

Know Your Options Before Cashing Out

Offers participants education about their distribution options when they change jobs or retire.

There's a Lot You Can Do Now for Retirement

Shares practical steps to encourage participants to start saving and investing for retirement early.

As You Retire, Keep Your Portfolio Working for You

Provides insights into why retirees should consider keeping a portion of their savings invested in stocks.

Critical Checklist Before You Retire

Outlines important financial preparation for pre-retirees to think about as they approach retirement.

Four Ways to Boost Your Income Potential

Lists four strategies for pre-retirees to consider to strengthen their retirement income strategy.

How Much Can You Spend Annually in Retirement

Offers pre-retirees insight into withdrawal strategies that could help them make their savings last.

Retirement Ready: Four Steps to Keep Your Savings on Track

Details potential strategies for reaching retirement income goals, even if a participant has fallen behind.


Delivering value through prudent risk management and the rigor of our research.

As leaders in target date investing, T. Rowe Price understands the importance of planning for retirement. We deliberately and thoughtfully innovate and evolve our capabilities, and anticipate shifts in investor behaviors, preferences, and markets in an effort to achieve better long-term outcomes.

Learn more about our leading target date solutions, evolutions, and additional investment options.

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