Connect With Your Clients
of Tomorrow

Research, insights, and resources to help you better understand the diverse next wave of wealth.

The clients of tomorrow likely don’t look like your clients today.

The top 10% of earners under age 50 represent one of the biggest opportunities to grow your practice. But these potential future clients probably don’t look or act the same as your current clients. Find out how to connect your practice with them.

Take action with our program content.


Take action.

Follow seven steps to connect with the Next Wave

This prospecting guide provides seven ideas to engage and grow your business with the Next Wave.

Connect with diverse investors through tailored insights

Share financial health insights specifically developed for African-American, Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQ+ Next Wave investors.

Host a seminar for Next Wave investors with these two options

An investor introduction to ESG: Changing the World Isn't Easy

A turnkey, 30-minute presentation that includes a jargon-free, new way of approaching ESG–a critically important, but often misunderstood, issue for Next Wave investors.

Building Generational Wealth

This investor seminar has the ability to highlight diverse investors (i.e. African-American, Asian, Latinx or LGBTQ+ investors) at the beginning of the seminar, and then transitions to how families can build generational wealth.


Gain insights and prepare.

Discover key insights to better serve the Next Wave

A presentation about the attitudes and needs of Next Wave investors, which are markedly different than current clients in terms of goals, communication style, and financial professional expectations.

Read our white paper to better understand the Next Wave

Access a summary of our key insights based on qualitative and quantitative research on the top 10% of earners under age 50.

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Use Our Next Wave Resource Library 

Access a variety of conversation starters and financial planning checklists designed for you to use with investors, focused on the financial planning needs of the Next Wave.

How much potential is there in the next wave of wealth?

37% vs. 12%

Portion of clients under age 56 for financial professionals in top quartile of practice growth vs. bottom quartile.1

3 Years

Time in which Next Wave inheritances will surpass those of baby boomers.2

↑ Diversity

The percentage of high-earning, nonwhite households is growing faster than high-earning white households.

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Variable Annuity

Build strong client relationships by focusing on family dynamics.

70% of heirs change their financial professional when they inherit. Consider what you need to secure business for generations to come.

Make meaningful connections with women investors.

In 2016, women controlled more personal wealth than men for the first time in U.S. history. Open the door to a greater understanding of how to serve women investors.

1 PriceMetrix, State of Retail 2019. Age 55 is as of 2020, so defined as clients born after 1965.                         

2 Source: “The Future of Wealth in the United States.” Deloitte Center for Financial Services 2017.

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