Next Wave of Wealth Social Media Kit

Use these 12 ready-made posts to run your own social media campaign aimed at helping you connect with the next generation of investors.


  • Complete content, including suggested wording, images, and any applicable attachments.
  • A range of topics to help you connect across a diverse set of interests, backgrounds, and life stages.
  • Flexibility:
  • Post weekly to run a three-month campaign.
  • Post monthly to run a year-long campaign.
  • Customize your campaign with posts and a cadence that work best for you.

A family of four sitting and smiling at a financial professional across the room.

Social Media Post 1

Changing jobs? Contact me for a financial checklist

I've noticed that changing jobs can be a hectic time for my clients. That's why I advise them to focus on five key financial moves during any job change. This checklist covers the basics.

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Download the Checklist to Share With Clients

A couple sitting and smiling at a financial professional, who is pointing at a tablet.

Social Media Post 2

Join me for a seminar on responsible investing on XXX DATE

Many of my clients are talking about socially responsible and sustainable investing (which is often referred to as ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, investing). I will be hosting a seminar on ESG investing soon, and I hope you will join me.

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A couple smiling in front of their new home as they shake hands with their realtor and receive keys.

Social Media Post 3

Buying a new home? Contact me for a New Home Buying Checklist

Buying a home is one of the most important financial goals among top earners under age 50, according to T. Rowe Price research. This checklist can help you get ready.

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Download the Checklist to Share With Clients

An African American couple sitting on a couch and smiling while reviewing a financial statement.

Social Media Post 4

Establishing an emergency fund is a top priority

Half of African American top earners under age 50 say their top financial priority is saving for an emergency fund. It makes sense—part of good financial health is being ready for anything. Let’s talk.

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Asian American parents with their baby sitting at a table, reviewing statements with a financial professional.

Social Media Post 5

Bringing your retirement vision to life takes planning

Among top Asian American earners under age 50, more than half say they have a general idea of what their retirement will look like. What’s your vision for retirement? Let’s talk.


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A couple wearing backpacks and smiling while sitting on a hill and looking out at a mountain range.

Social Media Post 6

Getting married? Contact me for a financial checklist to help you prepare

When a new marriage begins, establishing good financial communication is key, especially as you decide which accounts to combine, what kind of insurance you need and other key points. Use this handy checklist to help.

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Download the Checklist to Share With Clients

A couple leaning into one another and smiling as they drink coffee and look at a phone.

Social Media Post 7

Get the most from your online financial tools

A recent survey of top-earning investors under age 50 found that almost all rely on online financial tools. I can help you make sense of those tools so that you can maximize your financial health.

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A same-sex couple standing and looking at a phone with one partner’s hand on the other’s shoulder.

Social Media Post 8

Let’s define your financial priorities

A new T. Rowe Price survey shows that among LGBTQ+ top earners under age 50, three goals are most important: owning a home, supporting family members, and saving for retirement. What’s your priority? Let’s talk.

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College graduates lined up and smiling, including one graduate looking directly at you.

Social Media Post 9

Concerned about college costs? Contact me for a checklist to see if you are on track

The joy of having kids is real, but so is the worry of looking ahead to college costs. The good news: With a smart strategy, you can support your child’s education in a way that works for you. This college savings guide can help.

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Download the Checklist to Share With Clients

A couple smiling and laughing in celebration while sitting at a desk with a laptop and financial statements.

Social Media Post 10

Talking about finances without the jargon


Saving money for a great retirement is well worth it. One thing that can get in the way, though, is when financial institutions use jargon and acronyms that only confuse the matter. Give me a call, and we can discuss your finances in plain language.

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A Latinx family of four sitting on a couch smiling with three of the family members listening to one of the children.

Social Media Post 11

Having a baby? Contact me for a checklist with five financial tips to consider

If the U.S. Latinx community were its own country, it would be the eighth-largest economy in the world. Surveys show that a key Latinx priority is saving for their children’s futures. Let’s customize a strategy that works for your family. This checklist can help.

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Download the Checklist to Share With Clients

A financial professional and two clients reviewing statements and information on a tablet while one client takes notes.

Social Media Post 12

All of us can use some help with our finances


Preparing for retirement and all your other financial goals takes a smart strategy. Research shows that even top earners need help with investment decisions. Connect with me, and I’ll be happy to help.


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