Strong relationships are key to addressing family wealth transfer

Building Trust That Lasts

As you prepare for the greatest wealth transfer in history, deepening client relationships across generations will be essential to the long-term health of your business. That’s why we offer a simple process to help you identify which client relationships are at risk. Our plan includes insights on family dynamics and a tool to help you develop a strategy for key clients.

Jean Dunn

Jean Lynn Dunn, CFP®

Vice President, Client Loyalty Insights Leader

A Two-Step Action Plan

Our tool kit has what you need to secure business for generations to come.

White paper

Research and insights to educate you on generational wealth transfer issues.

Chart a Family’s Dynamics

Interactive worksheet to help families become aware and intentional about their wealth.

Financial Professional Presentation

Research and insights to educate you on generational wealth transfer issues.

Intergenerational wealth transfer—or InterGen—could have a serious impact on your book of business.

$24 Trillion

will move from one generation to the other over the next 12 years.1


of your clients will likely experience a wealth transfer in the next decade.2


of heirs change their financial professionals when they inherit.3

Client Meeting

Quarterly Ideas to Engage the Entire Family

Help minimize the risk of wealth transfer to your business with these resources.


It’s tax time. Here are two ideas for better client engagement.
Share our article "Be Tax Smart About Leaving Assets to Your Heirs" with clients during tax season to help jump-start the conversation about wealth transfer.

Ramp up for the spring real estate market.
Some of your clients may have children or grandchildren who are preparing to purchase a new home. Share and review our Home Buying Checklist.


How many weddings are you attending this season?
Share our Marriage Preparation Checklist with clients or engaged couples. It’s designed to strengthen their financial footing when the time comes to say “I do.”


An easy way to help clients support their grandchildren’s education.
September is National College Savings Month. Share this article with clients, and offer to speak to their adult children about saving for college for the grandchildren: Keep College Costs in Check with These 5 Conversations.

Financial tips for new parents and grandparents.
Share these five helpful tips with clients and families who are expecting a baby.


A simple gift idea for clients and their loved ones.
Creating a family record of vital documents and financial records is one of the most meaningful gifts a client can give to their loved ones. It also helps you engage more deeply with clients and better prepare for wealth transfer. Use our Family Records Organizer to do so.

New year. New opportunities to strengthen business.
The new year often brings new employment. If your clients’ children or grandchildren have started new jobs, offer to help them enroll in their 401(k) plans and take advantage of benefits by using our Job Change Checklist.

Want the Full Collection?

These ideas can help you better understand and engage with the families of your most important clients.

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1 Val Srinivas and Urval Goradia, “The future of wealth in the United States: Mapping trends in generational wealth,” Deloitte Center for Financial Services, November 9, 2015.

2 Cerulli Associates, 2018 Advisor Metrics.

3 Cerulli Report, U.S. High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Markets 2019.

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