Her Wealth Is Growing—
Grow With Her

Tools and resources to help you better understand and serve the evolving and diverse needs of women investors.

Understand Her Perspective, Make an Authentic Connection

Women now control more personal wealth in the U.S. than men, and their wealth and influence continue to grow. This program offers insights and tools to help you understand the varying needs of women investors and make meaningful individual connections—critical to the long-term success of your practice.

Take action with our program content.


Share content directly with your clients.

Host a seminar for women investors

A turnkey, 30-minute presentation to help inspire women clients and prospects.


Start a women’s client advisory board

Ideas, best practices, and tools to establish an advisory board of women clients—offering a sense of community and helping you keep up with changing expectations.

Empower women to become financial mentors

Twelve monthly lessons and activities for women to share financial knowledge and learning with the young people in their lives.


Gain insights and prepare.

Discover key insights to better serve women clients

A presentation geared to help male financial professionals understand what women tend to value most and how to best meet individual needs based on varying perspectives.

Access a guide to our framework for success

A printable reference to quickly access key insights about serving women investors—including tailored action items based on three unique personas.

Preview the Financial Mentorship Program

Provide your women investors with ready-made lessons and activities that they can use to teach kids about money. Fostering financial learning among women and the young people in their lives can have lasting positive impacts on your clients and your practice. Preview the first lesson below, or download the full 12-part program.

As a group, women are in a greater position of financial strength than ever before.


First time in U.S. history that women controlled more personal wealth than men.1

$14 trillion
→ $22 trillion

Personal wealth controlled by women in the U.S. in 2016 versus expected amount in 2020.1


Portion of women in the U.S. who identify as the primary decision-maker for household assets.2

Financial Planning Checklists for Women

A Framework to Set Yourself Apart

Trust Is the Cornerstone

Trust is a differentiator. When it comes to people, institutions, and other things in their lives, women value trust 29 points higher than men do on a 100-point scale.3 We recently conducted a workshop with women investors to better understand their experiences with financial professionals.4 Learning and communication emerged as two primary pain points—we believe these are key factors in establishing trust.

Trust is Cornerstone Image

Three Personas to Tailor Your Approach

Through our research, we developed three personas aligned to different investment decision-making roles.

• Carla the Captain is the primary decision-maker.
• Nicole the Navigator is a shared decision-maker.
• Paula the Passenger is limited in her role in making investment decisions.

Our toolkit provides insights to help you identify persona characteristics in your clients and tailor your approach to better accommodate individual needs.

Three Personas Image
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Variable Annuity

Build strong client relationships by focusing on family dynamics.

70% of heirs change their financial professional when they inherit. Consider what you need to secure business for generations to come.

Prospecting the Next Wave of Wealth

The top 10% of earners under 50 represent one of the biggest opportunities to grow your practice. But these potential future clients probably don’t look or act the same as your current clients. Find out how to connect your practice with them.

1 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2016.

2 Source: Power of the Purse. Center for Talent Innovation, 2014. http://www.talentinnovation.org/publication.cfm?publication=1440.

3 Source: CEB Iconoculture Values and Lifestyle Survey, October 2016. Base: Women who own stocks, mutual funds, or other investments.

4 All workshop participants worked with a financial professional for at least 3 years and had at least $500,000 in investable assets.

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