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Financial Wellness:
Our Approach

Clarity and Purpose

We know that participants have many financial priorities. And those priorities may shift and change over time. Our goal is to help your participants improve their retirement outcomes by making it easier to manage short-term financial demands that could disrupt their long-term retirement goals.

Informed by Data

81 Percent

prioritize savings goals or other debt reduction over retirement savings1

54 Percent

say that financial or money matters/challenges cause the most stress2

50 Percent

of stressed employees say finances have been a distraction at work2

Integrated Experience

We pair our proprietary solutions with well-established benefit providers to create an integrated financial wellness and retirement experience, bringing greater meaning to the participant’s holistic financial picture.


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Our Solution

Our Approach

Our Approach

We address evolving participant needs by creating meaningful solutions in five primary financial categories.

  • Emergency Savings
  • Health Care
  • Investment Advice and Guidance
  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Planning

T. Rowe Price | Standard Offer

Our standard offer delivers a comprehensive set of resources and tools as part of the participant experience.

Education, Retirement Income Planner, SmartVideo, Confidence Check-ins, Digital Calculators

  • Financial Assessments
  • Account Aggregation
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Non-Retirement Goals

  • Asset Allocation Guidance
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Premium Solutions

Our flexible framework offers additional premium solutions that are integrated throughout the participant experience.

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See What Sets Our Offer Apart

Waysaver™: a smarter emergency savings offer

Our emergency savings program helps employees reduce the impact of one of the most common obstacles to retirement saving: emergency expenses.

Available to both active participants and eligible nonparticipants, this out-of-plan solution makes saving automatic, so employees can have access to cash when they need it—without derailing their long-term financial freedom.

A comprehensive solution for student debt management

Tools and resources include free educational and planning resources integrated within the participant website, and optional services such as SoFi's Student Loan Debt Navigator, 529 Savings Tool, and financial counseling. SoFi services are available through a separate contract with SoFi for a fee.

Explore more of what's available to help employees take action and get help with their student loan debt challenges.

People in the meeting Smart Dollar - Financial Wellness

A proven plan with SmartDollar®

SmartDollar provides a comprehensive digital program that teaches employees how to budget, save for emergencies, get out of debt, and retire with confidence. SmartDollar’s plan includes motivating content and tools to help employees reach their financial goals and experience lasting behavior change. As a result, employees will be in a better position to take advantage of their retirement, health savings account (HSA), and other company benefits.

This is an optional service available at a reduced rate to all T. Rowe Price full-service recordkeeping clients.

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Consumer-Directed Health Care Solution

Our relationship with Optum Financial, a leading expert in consumer-directed health care solutions, provides an opportunity to improve overall financial wellness for participants.

Consumer-directed accounts, like Optum Financial's flagship HSAs, give participants in high-deductible health plans more flexibility over their health care finances, offering significant tax advantages and a choice of account investments.

Contact your T. Rowe Price representative to find out how we can take your plan to the next level.

1T. Rowe Price Retirement Savings and Spending Study, 2020

2PwC, Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 2020

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