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Financial Priorities and Advice

Our annual participant survey, Retirement Savings and Spending, examines the attitudes and behaviors of 401(k) plan participants to provide insights for plan sponsors and their advisors.

2017 Study: A Focus on Financial Priorities and Advice

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Only 2 in 5 participants report a great deal of progress toward their top financial goal

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67% say they rely somewhat or a great deal on their 401(k) plan provider for advice/support

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Only 1 in 4 wants investment support 

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From Conflicting Priorities to Wellness: Helping Participants Find Balance

Participants and Their Financial Priorities

Participants have a surprising number of financial objectives, but many report mixed results on their progress.

Saving for retirement is a major or minor objective for 94% of respondents:

  • Only 40% report a great deal of progress
  • 18% report not very much or no progress

View the findings below to find out why.

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A Focus on Generation X Study

Participants and the Advice They Want

For participants interested in advice, the majority value progress tracking overinvestment support.

This study supplies data on why investment support was cited as important by fewer than one in four.

View the findings below to find out why.

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