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Enterprise Choice®


A custom solution for highly complex plans.

Enterprise Choice offers a consultative service model to accommodate unique plan requirements and objectives. This custom solution is ideal for complex plan needs.

Product highlights

  • Consultative service model to enable unique plan requirements and objectives
  • Custom communications aligned with strategic goals and participant demographics
  • 100% open-architecture platform with flexible pricing structures
  • Ideal for plans with $150 million or more.


Experienced plan service team 

We take a "one team" approach to our relationships with plan sponsors and advisors. As such, Enterprise Choice provides consistent access to dedicated, senior-level T. Rowe Price specialists, both during the conversion process and beyond.

  • The relationship manager will serve as the plan's strategic partner
  • The implementation project manager will oversee the initial conversion, as well as future mergers and acquisitions, for a seamless service experience
  • The client administration manager will provide oversight and coordination of day-to-day operations, and will serve as the key point of contact for smooth plan operations
  • The compliance consultant will provide plan design consultation services, and is supported by expert specialists to deliver testing and audit services
  • The engagement consultant will build a custom participant communications strategy
  • The defined contribution investment specialist will provide education on investment-related decisions as needed
  • Dedicated nonqualified and defined benefit service teams, when applicable, will work seamlessly with the plan's DC service team to provide a unified experience for sponsors and participants


Integrated participant communications

With Enterprise Choice, we take a progressive approach to helping participants create saving, spending, and investment strategies that acknowledge the competing financial priorities employees face, but also provide educational information to help make positive changes. We begin by immersing ourselves in a company's culture and participant demographics to gain a deeper understanding of the organization's unique communication needs. What we learn informs a communications strategy specifically designed to meet those needs. We then deliver artfully crafted, custom multichannel communications that are fully integrated with our Retire with Confidence Program® for Participants. Finally, we continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of our communications to drive action and inform ongoing planning.


Ongoing fiduciary support

In the constantly evolving landscape of fiduciary compliance, we believe that a good service provider adds value by reducing complexity. T. Rowe Price has the experience needed to support both day-to-day compliance needs and longer-term fiduciary obligations.


Broad investment capabilities

As one of the largest U.S. mutual fund companies, measured by assets under management, T. Rowe Price offers access to high-quality proprietary and nonproprietary investment products with flexible pricing structures across all asset classes. Enterprise Choice includes our most expansive range of services:

  • 100% open-architecture platform with access to over 9,500 mutual funds, as well as institutional investment products such as trusts
  • Access to custom investment products through the use of diversified portfolios
  • Ability to offer publicly traded company stock
  • Updated self-directed brokerage services featuring an enhanced user experience (in development)


Contact your T. Rowe Price representative to find out how we can take your plan to the next level.