Retirement Investment Solutions

Helping your clients create more secure financial futures.

We have been serving investors since 1937, and the average tenure of our portfolio managers is 16 years. This means we have knowledge of many market cycles and bring significant experience to bear on every investment decision.

Our retirement solutions include mutual funds and collective investment trusts (CITs) that help support lifetime income while limiting balance variability. We seek consistent performance, downside protection, and increased diversification through our strategic investing approach. This approach brings our investment professionals out in the field to gain firsthand insights from the companies we're evaluating.

For over 30 years, T. Rowe Price has also successfully delivered recordkeeping retirement plan services, pairing investment management excellence with our thought leadership on effective plan design and participant behavior.

Our Retirement Solutions


Collective Investment Trusts

Retirement Glide Path

Strategically managed portfolios consisting primarily of active mutual funds where the focus is to help support lifetime income.

Target Glide Path*

Strategically managed portfolios consisting primarily of active mutual funds where the focus is to seek lowering balance variability.

Retirement Blend

A choice between two goal-driven glide paths, similar to our fully active suite of target date portfolios–however, the underlying building block investments use a blend of passive and active funds.

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Stable Value

A relatively low-risk asset class that focuses on capital preservation and liquidity, while seeking to provide steady returns to participants within certain types of qualified retirement plans.

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The T. Rowe Price products do not guarantee a particular level or duration of income. All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of money you invest. Please visit an investment's profile page for additional information on its investment objective, strategies, and risks.

T. Rowe Price collective trust funds (Trusts) are not mutual funds. They are collective trust funds established by T. Rowe Price Trust Company under Maryland banking law, and their units are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933. Investments in the Trusts are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, the U.S. government or its agencies or T. Rowe Price Trust Company and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal. The Trusts are available only to certain types of retirement plans.


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