To deliver results, you have to do your legwork.

Numbers tell only half the story. Our strategic investing approach demands going further to get the full story.

To deliver results, you have to do your legwork.

Numbers tell only half the story. Our strategic investing approach demands going further to get the full story.

Over 80% of our mutual funds with a 10-year track record have outperformed their Lipper average as of 9/30/18.1
See Important Information.

When presented with the opportunity to conduct research from a bicycle seat, investment professional Corey Shull didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile.

See How Our Investment Professionals Go Out Into the Field to Identify Growth Opportunities and Risks

Equity analyst Paulina Amieva talks to management, suppliers, and customers in Mexico City to get a true sense of companies actively solving friction points that impede growth.

Visiting a busy Ohio train yard, Andrew Davis, an equity analyst, considers the infrastructure and technology that could soon automate rail transportation.

Portfolio manager Ziad Bakri visits biotech labs in a quest for the best investing ideas—like a firm that engineers a patient’s own cells to fight cancer.

There are typically three broad investment stages to a crisis: the liquidity vacuum, the transition “from terrible to bad,” and the return to fundamentals.

Investors Arif Husain, Chris Alderson, and Eric Veiel discuss market impact amid tightening monetary policy in the U.S., increasing threats to global trade, and ongoing political uncertainty.

Strategic Investing Market

A recent study shows that the rigor of our independent research and the decision-making of our experienced portfolio managers has created value over the long term.

Our Investment Leaders on How We Help You Prepare Your Clients for What's Ahead

Rob Sharps on identifying disruptive trends.

Bill Stromberg on the importance of going out in the field.

Robert Higginbotham and Eric Veiel on taking a long-term perspective.

Target Date Solutions

Target Date Solutions

Our deep experience with how markets and investors behave helps us go further.

We combine our strategic investing approach with decades of data on investor behavior to create retirement solutions that have the potential to drive positive outcomes.

Put Our Strategic Investing Approach to Work for Your Clients

Invests at least 80% in common stocks, with an emphasis on large-capitalization stocks that have a strong track record of paying dividends or that are believed to be undervalued. Broadly diversify sector exposure to minimize volatility.

Invests in domestic and foreign debt instruments, including government and corporate bonds; mortgage- backed, commercial mortgage-backed, and asset- backed securities; and preferred stocks.


Invests in a variety of industries in developed and, to a lesser extent, emerging markets. Invests in firms taking market share in the global economy and demonstrating strong free cash flow, sustainable margins, long product cycles, and experienced management teams.

Invests in firms with a favorable combination of growth prospects and valuation. Several of the aspects we look for: accelerating earnings and cash flow growth, reasonable valuation, and barriers to entry at industry and product level.

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Important Information

1161 of our 367 mutual funds had a 10-year track record as of 9/30/18. (Includes all share classes and excludes funds used in insurance products.) 131 of these 161 funds (81%) beat their Lipper average for the 10-year period. 180 of 367 (49%), 189 of 269 (70%), and 173 of 213 (81%) of T. Rowe Price funds outperformed their Lipper average for the 1-, 3-, and 5-year periods ended 9/30/18, respectively. Calculations based on cumulative total return. Not all funds outperformed for all periods. (Source for data: Lipper Inc.)

Past performance cannot guarantee future results. All investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

Bond funds are subject to risk that if interest rates rise significantly from current levels, bond fund total returns will decline and may even turn negative in the short term.

Investing overseas involves special risks, including political uncertainty; unfavorable currency exchange rates; and to a lesser degree, market illiquidity. As with all mutual funds, these funds are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal.

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