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Savings Insights

Gain the knowledge and perspective you need to run a plan that fits within budget and meets participants' real-life needs.

Saving is one of the most critical pieces of our nation's retirement future. Let's put the focus where it belongs: understanding today's savers and what you can do to help them better prepare for their future.

Improve Plan and Participant Success in Automatic Programs

Auto-enrollment’s Long-Term Effect on Retirement Saving

Defaults matter: Do auto-features in 401(k) plans lead to better financial outcomes? Automatic enrollment in employer-sponsored 401(k)savings plans has transformed the way that millions of Americans save for retirement.

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Key Trends. 2020 Highlights.

The new edition of Reference Point provides data and insights into plan and participant actions from 2020, year over year, and through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic. And while the financial, physical, and emotional strains spurred by the pandemic will continue to influence plan design and employee retirement savings outcomes for some, our data show that overall growth continues.

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Improve plan and participant success in automatic programs

A white paper from T. Rowe Price demonstrates that pursuing improved retirement readiness for employees doesn't have to be costly. With the right combination of plan design and automated program features, plan sponsors can improve retirement plan effectiveness and help drive participant success within reasonable budget levels.

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