Are Your Clients Prepared for Shifting Equity Markets?

Five Reasons to Review Your International Equities Allocation

1. You Could be Missing Half the World's Opportunities

Nearly half of the world's market capitalization lies outside the U.S.,1 offering access to some of the most innovative companies and promising growth opportunities in the world.

2. Growth Conditions Abroad May Be More Favorable

While the U.S. is a huge driver of global growth, its share of global growth has been shrinking. On the other hand, in many developed and emerging economies, the already large and diverse opportunity set has been growing.

3. Investors May Be Under-Diversified

Relative U.S. outperformance over the past decade has skewed many strategic allocations between U.S. and international equities. This could introduce unintended portfolio risks.

4. Yield-Starved Investors May Find Strong Valuations Abroad

While equity markets are generally riskier than fixed income markets, they typically offer compensation for that risk. In U.S. markets, investors receive a meaningfully smaller compensation for equity risk (when compared to U.S. Treasuries) than investors in international markets.2

5. The U.S. Outperformance Cycle May Not Continue

During the past four decades, U.S. and international equities have exchanged periods of dominance. Since 2010, U.S. equities have enjoyed their longest period of outperformance over the past five decades. If history is any guide, that trend seems poised to reverse.

Our International Equity Solutions

From frontier and emerging markets to overseas technology or real estate, our international equity strategies represent a full spectrum of overseas markets and make it easier for you to construct the diversified and appropriately balanced portfolios that your clients demand.

Global and on the Ground

Our investment professionals are dedicated to uncovering distinctive international opportunities to help your clients achieve long-term portfolio growth while managing risk.

  • MORE THAN 270 GLOBAL RESEARCH ANALYSTS, including investment professionals from 20 nations.

  • CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS with the companies and management they cover.

  • REAL-TIME COLLABORATION between international investment analysts and U.S.-focused colleagues.

What Sets Our International Investment Approach Apart?

Discover the difference that our strategic investing approach can make for investors seeking to pursue global growth–especially in uncertain market environments. 

Contact Us

You can rely on our advisor services to help you find the right international equities mix and achieve true diversification for your clients.


Important Information

1As of December 31, 2018, measured by the MSCI All Country World Index.

2As of June 30, 2019. Morningstar Direct. Analysis by T. Rowe Price.

This material is being furnished for general informational purposes only. The material does not constitute or undertake to give advice of any nature, including fiduciary investment advice, and prospective investors are recommended to seek independent legal, financial, and tax advice before making any investment decision. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment and any income from it can go down as well as up. Investors may get back less than the amount invested

Risks: Investing involves risk, including potential loss of principal. Diversification neither assures a profit nor eliminates the risk of experiencing investment losses. Investing internationally entails specific risks, including currency risk, political risk, and geographic risk. These risks are larger for investments in smaller companies and those in emerging markets, as well as specific sectors. Emerging market investments can be riskier than U.S. investments due to the adverse effects of currency exchange rates, differences in market structure and liquidity, as well as specific country, regional, and economic developments.

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