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Our experience and expertise inspire us to embrace new ideas and identify opportunities that help you achieve different goals in a changing climate. 

50+ years managing fixed income assets

US$267B of fixed income AUM *

230+ fixed income investment professionals

Deep fixed income heritage

Market conditions are tough. Since 1971, we have navigated multiple market environments, tried and tested our investment approach. Our 50+ years of fixed income experience give us the breadth and depth to identify dislocations, capture opportunities and guide you through uncertain times.

Inspired to explore

  • We cover all major fixed income markets and manage over 50 fixed income investment strategies. Everything we have learned goes into your portfolios.

Flexibility to capitalize on our best ideas

The market is deep and complex. Our analysts look beyond market headlines and events to formulate insights from every sector and corner of the world to create value for you. We take an active approach featuring proprietary research to identify investment ideas that other firms may miss.

Inspired to discover

  • We are insight-led and idea-driven. Our experienced and long-tenured analysts conduct on-the-ground research, meeting with companies, central banks and governments to build investment knowledge.
  • This consistent investment process ensures the best ideas continue to feed our research platform.

Independent thought and collaboration

Market volatility creates opportunities. Our independent thought is supported by a strong collaborative culture that fosters robust dialogue and debate from various perspectives. We believe these tested insights could drive meaningful value and help you ride out the changing environment.

Inspired to think differently

  • Our portfolio managers are not held to a central “house view”. They take the best ideas from our combined research efforts and put them into portfolios according to each strategy’s objectives and desired outcomes.
  • Our portfolio managers are responsible for every investment decision made, with the knowledge that every idea has been tested across multiple teams.

Integrated risk management

The investment landscape keeps evolving. Our rigorous fundamental research, disciplined portfolio construction and proprietary risk modeling all combine to ensure risks are intended and allocated according to each portfolio’s specific objectives.

Inspired to prevail

  • We believe that better investment returns are grounded in a disciplined investment process, guided by prudent risk management that strives to moderate risk and maximize value over longer time horizons.
  • We assess risk throughout the investment process, and at both the portfolio and position level using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Our fixed income range

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While the investing landscape frequently changes, investor needs evolve over the longer term. Relying on our differentiated perspectives, we manage a wide range of investment strategies to help achieve a diverse set of goals.


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Seeking income

The current environment of higher yields presents a wealth of income opportunities, but identifying consistent sources of income that can lead to different outcomes is challenging. An active manager helps explore compelling opportunities across a wide range of sectors while being risk-aware.

Investment ideas:

Staying anchored

Black swan events are becoming more frequent. The traditional ‘core’ bond strategy may not be sufficient to buffer equity downturns. Generating consistent and stable performance from fixed income today requires a flexible approach to balance return and risk.

Investment ideas:

Diversifying risk

Fixed Income remains a key asset class to mitigate equity risk. Investors should focus on actively-managed strategies that not only help generate low or negative correlation to riskier market, but also invest in various sub-sector within fixed income. A flexible exposure should help investors to pursue returns in a variety of different market environments. 

Investment ideas:

Creating positive impact

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has experienced a remarkable rise over the past decade. Societal, governmental and regulatory pressures are driving change on a range of environmental and social issues. An active manager helps reduce the risk of greenwashing through integrating ESG factors into the investment process.

Investment ideas:

  • Impact credit*

*Impact credit products are not available to the retail public in Singapore. 

What is inspiration in fixed income?


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* The total fixed income assets managed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., and its investment advisory affiliates. Total fixed income assets include all fixed income separate accounts and funds along with a portion of certain T. Rowe Price U.S.-registered multi-asset funds as of 30 June 2023.

Unless otherwise stated, all data is as of 30 June 2023 and sourced from T. Rowe Price.

Investment involves risks. The value of an investment and any income from it can go down as well as up. Investors may get back less than the amount invested.

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