T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV

China Evolution Equity Fund

Seeks to identify rising stars in China's sea change.

Holistic approach to China equity investing
  • Seek attractive investment opportunities across Chinese companies listed both onshore and offshore
  • Being benchmark-unconstrained, the fund manager takes a truly active approach

Investing in change


  • Identify change in business fundamentals or investor behaviour
  • We believe mispricing could arise in areas where future fundamentals will be different from the past

Looking beyond the obvious


  • The team seeks to go beyond the top 100 mega-cap names1 and focus on the less efficient part of the market
  • That translates roughly to a market cap range of US$20-30 billion or below today


¹ Source: MSCI, FactSet. Financial data and analytics provider FactSet. Copyright 2023 FactSet. All Rights Reserved. As of 31 March 2023. The top mega-cap names and market cap cut-off could evolve with changing market dynamics over time.

China Evolution Equity Fund

Class A

Inception Date

10 August 2020

Base currency


Management Fee

Up to 1.70% p.a.

ISIN code


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MSCI China All Shares Index Net

Full details of the fees payable by investors are available within the prospectus. 
This benchmark is shown for comparison purposes only.

A word from our founder

“Change is the investor's only certainty.”

Thomas Rowe Price, Jr. / Founder

Why T. Rowe Price?

Our competitive edge

Heritage of success

Established in 1937, we are a diversified business, having been investing in emerging markets since 1980. Our demonstrated track record across markets lends confidence to investors.

Scale and size

We manage over US$18.54 billion of assets2 in China related equities, covering both securities listed in mainland China and on offshore exchanges.

Research is in our DNA

The breadth and depth of our 404 global research professionals3 provide a critical information edge to find the best investment ideas.

2 All figures as at 31 March 2023. Firmwide AUM includes assets managed by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. and its investment advisory affiliates. 

3 Source: T. Rowe Price. All figures as at 31 March 2023. 11 sector portfolio managers, 202 investment analysts, 83 associate research analysts, 43 specialty analysts, 61 quantitative analysts, and 4 economists.


Our collective views and insights


China 2021 Market Update

China 2021 Market Update

China 2021 Market Update

On a steady path to normalization.

By Wenli Zheng

Wenli Zheng Regional Portfolio Manager

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