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Why today’s investors can still rely on our founding principles

In an increasingly diverse world which demands a wide variety of approaches to identify the best opportunities, T. Rowe Price offers a full range of equity and fixed income strategies across multiple asset classes throughout the developed, frontier and emerging markets.

Since we began in 1937, we have of course grown in size and scale. However, the fundamental principles upon which Thomas Rowe Price Jr founded the company remain as relevant today as they have ever been.

The personnel of this team must be highly conscious of their obligations to clients. They must possess a sincere desire to produce good results and obtain the public’s good will.
- Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

First and foremost, we put our clients first. We believe that the firm’s success follows those of our clients and we strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Today, clients all over the world rely on our steadfast principles and disciplined investment approach to remain confident in their investments for the long-term.

Thomas Rowe Price Jr. philosophy of putting clients first for the long-term

At T. Rowe Price, proprietary fundamental research is core to our ability to consistently identify sound, long-term investments. This entails rigorous analysis at the regional, sector, industry and company level.

To select the best investment opportunities we actively test and challenge our own opinions. Before selecting a corporate bond, for instance, we conduct face-to-face meetings with company management teams to directly discuss their marketing strategies, company dynamics and competitive landscape. Ultimately this penetrating dialogue enables us to challenge our own preconceptions and those of the management.

If you want to have an understanding of any business, it is important to know the background of the people who started it and directed its past, and the hopes and ambitions of those who are planning its future.
- Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

Combined with a thorough macro-understanding of markets and sectors, our ‘bottom-up’ approach to proprietary research forms the foundation for thousands of investment decisions every year enabling us to understand the true value and possible risks for our clients.

Diverse thinking and healthy debate are deeply ingrained into the T. Rowe Price culture. We believe looking at investment opportunities from multiple perspectives is the most reliable way to reveal their true potential.

We do not expect all members of this team to be alike in their abilities. We expect and want different opinions. We like individualists who are broadminded enough to respect the other person’s point of view.
- Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

Our collaborative culture ensures that views are constantly shared between experts from diverse disciplines, and with each fund manager. Macro-level views are contrasted with information gathered on the ground. In fact, our equity and credit analysts often travel together to visit the management of jointly-covered companies to share each others’ insight and understanding.

Overall, we believe that our culture of collaboration enables us to identify opportunities others might overlook and generate solid, long-term results for our clients.

Combining multiple perspectives for a fuller picture

The principles of Thomas Rowe Price Jr. are as relevant today as they were when T. Rowe Price was founded. His belief in the value of a long-term approach has enabled the company and our clients to weather many storms over the years.

We have knowledge of multiple market cycles and can bring significant experience to bear on every investment decision.

We have a solid balance sheet with zero long-term debt. This stability helps us to maintain a long-term view and to continually reinvest in our business so that we can serve our clients.

We believe that Thomas Rowe Price Jr, were he here today, would be proud to recognise the continued importance of his founding principles.

The value of thinking and acting long term

I believed that if I worked conscientiously for my clients and succeeded in doing a good job for them, my compensation would follow, and be on a sounder and more enduring basis.
- Thomas Rowe Price Jr.