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Capitale a rischio. I rendimenti passati non sono indicativi dei risultati presenti o futuri e non dovrebbero essere l'unico fattore considerato per selezionare un prodotto o una strategia.

I fondi elencati non rappresentano una lista esaustiva dei fondi disponibili. Si prega di visitare il sito internet per accedere all’intera gamma di fondi offerta da T. Rowe Price, che include quei fondi che promuovono criteri ambientali e sociali nel loro processo di investimento. Per informazioni aggiornate su qualsiasi strategia di investimento di T. Rowe Price s prega di leggere il KID e il prospetto dello specifico fondo.

Global Structured Research Equity Fund
Un portafoglio di 750-1.000 titoli, gestito attivamente e guidato dall’analisi, che mira a identificare le opportunità più interessanti ponderate per il rischio nel mercato azionario globale, inclusi i mercati emergenti. Il fondo è concepito per evidenziare la nostra expertise nella selezione dei titoli, mantenendo un'esposizione ai fattori di rischio e caratteristiche di portafoglio simili a quelle dell'indice MSCI All Country World Net. Il fondo rientra nell'ambito dell'Articolo 8 del Regolamento sulla trasparenza della finanza sostenibile (SFDR).
ISIN LU2377458257
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30-nov-2020 - Scott Berg, Portfolio Manager,
Given increasing market volatility, we are maintaining a broadly balanced portfolio with sector exposures relatively neutral to our core benchmark. We still own a mix of businesses that we believe are structural winners, durable growers, and higher yielding companies that held up well during the March sell-off but have levelled off since. While we are more cautious in the near-term, we like what we own and remain more constructive over the medium term.

Riepilogo del fondo
Il fondo è gestito in modo da combinare la ricerca fondamentale con un processo di costruzione del portafoglio altamente strutturato. Gli analisti coinvolti in tutto il mondo prendono decisioni di acquisto e vendita per le loro singole porzioni del portafoglio, dietro la supervisione e la discrezione dei gestori del portafoglio. Il fondo è progettato per aggiungere valore grazie alle intuizioni dei nostri analisti e il nostro approccio alla costruzione del portafoglio riduce al minimo l'esposizione allo stile, al paese, al settore e all'industria rispetto al benchmark. La promozione delle caratteristiche ambientali e/o sociali si realizza attraverso l'impegno del fondo a mantenere almeno il 10% del valore del proprio portafoglio investito in Investimenti Sostenibili, come definiti dalla SFDR. Inoltre, applichiamo uno screening responsabile proprietario (lista di esclusione). Il fondo non è vincolato a benchmark, ma questo viene utilizzato solo a scopo di comparazione performance.
Performance - Al netto delle commissioni

I rendimenti passati non costituiscono una previsione di quelli futuri.

31-mar-2021 - Scott Berg, Portfolio Manager,
Global equities generated solid returns in March amid accelerating vaccine rollouts, generally strong economic data, and continued accommodative monetary policy and fiscal stimulus. Within the portfolio, our holdings in the information technology sector had the most negative impact on relative performance. Shares of Brazilian payment processing company StoneCo fell amid the ongoing political and health crisis in Brazil as most of the country was in lockdown by March. We continue to believe that StoneCo, which is attacking a huge market ripe for disruption, is in a good position to gain share. With a strong management team and solid execution, the company operates a highly service-oriented model and is introducing cutting-edge technology into Brazil’s payments market. On the positive side, industrials and business services boosted relative results. Shares of global parcel and freight delivery service FedEx spiked following a strong earnings report, beating analyst expectations despite a negative impact from winter storms. Revenue growth and margin improvement in ground delivery services were highlights of the report. We think FedEx offers a compelling cyclical opportunity due to a number of positive growth drivers that should coalesce over the near term.
30-set-2020 - Scott Berg, Portfolio Manager,

Given the high degree of difficulty we are seeing in navigating today's market, we are focused on maintaining a broadly balanced portfolio and remain largely sector neutral in our positioning. We also want to be cognizant of heightened risk and a diversified portfolio helps us mitigate these risks and avoid high correlation and unintended bets. We still own a blend of structural winners, durable compounders, and higher yielding names that held up well during the March sell-off but lagged on the way back up.

Sector-wise, we are overweight consumer discretionary and financials, though not dramatically so. During the quarter, our allocations to industrials and business services and utilities increased, while our exposure to information technology and materials decreased as we trimmed or eliminated strong winners. From a regional perspective, the continued strong performance of developed equity markets relative to their emerging markets counterparts has led to our EM weighting trending modestly lower. However, in a low growth world, we continue to think investing in the fast growing emerging market countries, such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Peru, will be more important than ever.

Industrials and Business Services

The industrial economy is slowly starting to recover. Areas such as the airline industry remained challenged, but we are finding opportunities elsewhere within the sector, and are taking a long-term approach with our investments in the space. We remain focused on high-quality companies that can benefit from multiyear growth trends and increases in global trade and capital spending. We are attracted to less cyclical, durable earnings growers in industries with attractive growth dynamics and are largely avoiding companies with commodity capital expenditures exposure.

  • We began a position in global parcel and freight delivery service FedEx. We think FedEx offers a compelling cyclical opportunity due to a number of positive growth drivers that should coalesce over the near term. In particular, the coronavirus has increased demand and tightened capacity, leading to higher pricing for the industry. We also think there are company-specific tailwinds that should help drive accelerating earnings and margin improvement, including better cost synergies and prolonged capacity constraint and pricing strength in air freight, where FedEx has a dominant position.
  • We started a position in Chart Industries, which provides equipment and supplies for the industrial gas, energy, and biomedical industries. We think the firm's most compelling segments are in supplying industrial gases like hydrogen as well as cryogenics, and believe there are a number of growth drivers, both cyclical and structural, that could help fuel accelerating earnings over the long term. With a diversified business structure in an industry with high barriers to entry and little competition, we think Chart Industries is well positioned for growth over the long term.


With leading central banks having cut rates and ramped up quantitative easing measures to help counteract the negative economic impact from the coronavirus, we think we are in a lower rate environment for longer than we had anticipated. While we remain underweight developed market banks due to the challenging rate environment, we have found idiosyncratic ideas in the U.S., Europe, and Canada to add to the portfolio. Our bets within the sector are largely concentrated in capital markets names and emerging market banks. We also have exposure to high-quality insurance companies.

  • We moved on from our position in E*TRADE Financial. The stock has performed well in recent months, and the company is set to be acquired by Morgan Stanley. With upside limited, we chose to exit our position.
  • We eliminated our position in DNB, Norway's largest retail and commercial bank. The stock spiked on strong earnings results, so we chose to move on to higher conviction names.

Consumer Discretionary

In our view, there are more coronavirus beneficiaries in the consumer discretionary sector than anywhere else, but this has led to a dramatic demarcation between winners and losers. The coronavirus has pulled forward years of e-commerce share gains in the span of a few months and we have an expanded set of names levered to that trend.

  • We initiated a position in THG Holdings, participating in the firm's initial public offering (IPO). THG owns The Hut Group, which operates as a multi-website online retailer that provides health, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and marketplace services. We think THG is an extremely compelling company that is only just beginning to develop a differentiated enterprise e-commerce platform to help brands and retailers build a global online direct-to-consumer footprint.
  • We initiated a position in Boohoo, a UK-based online fashion retailer that exclusively sells its own brands. We think Boohoo has an attractive business that offers a sizeable opportunity for further market share gains in Europe and the U.S. over the long term given the accelerated shift to online, an effective marketing and customer acquisition strategy, strong product and supply chain management, and a top-notch management team.


The coronavirus-induced economic downturn has, not surprisingly, had a negative impact on the materials sector. Historically, the time to increase exposure to materials is during a recession and we added several high-quality names that were out of favor between the first and second quarters. However, a number of those names performed extremely well, so we exited our positions in the third quarter as valuations became more reasonable. Our focus is mainly on high-quality companies that offer particularly attractive valuations and are more highly correlated to staples-like industries and secular growth trends, but we also have exposure to metals and mining companies as well.

  • We eliminated our position in Kirkland Lake Gold. The stock has done well and provided solid exposure to real commodities, but we chose to move on after strong performance to reallocate to names with greater upside potential.
  • We added a position in Lundin Mining, a Canadian base metals miner mainly focused on copper. As the best conductor of electricity, we think the demand for copper will remain strong for the foreseeable future given the growing electrification of the world driven by technology (electric vehicles, charging stations, power generation, etc.). We think it is beneficial to have exposure to metals with strong demand and an improving cost curve.
31-mar-2021 - Scott Berg, Portfolio Manager,
In our view, there are more coronavirus beneficiaries in the consumer discretionary sector than anywhere else, but this has led to a dramatic demarcation between winners and losers. COVID-19 has pulled forward years of e-commerce share gains in the span of a few months and we have an expanded and diverse set of names levered to that trend. We think the market is underestimating the profound effect the pandemic has had on the consumer landscape. It is now vital for companies to view their businesses through an omnichannel lens and no longer an option to ignore the need for an online presence.

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