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Silicon Valley Tech Tour Insights 2024

What's next for AI investing

If 2023 was the year the AI gun got fired, 2024 is the year AI comes to fruition. Off the back of a tour to Silicon Valley, where our portfolio managers and analysts met with 40 top execs of leading edge, linchpin technology companies like Google, Meta and Nvidia, the team has returned to share their observations and predictions for what’s next.

How are the mega caps monetising AI?

Jim Sillwagon, Portfolio Manager - Communications & Technology strategy, T. Rowe Price

How does T. Rowe Price identify tech stocks early?

Dom Rizzo, Portfolio Manager – Global Technology Strategy, T. Rowe Price

What is the outlook for tech in 2024?

Tony Wang, Portfolio Manager, Science & Technology Strategy, T. Rowe Price

Immerse yourself in the future of AI

Catch all the insights from the team as they take a deep dive into the world of emerging tech and generative AI. Use their firsthand accounts and insights to help identify pockets of opportunity where your clients could redeploy excess cash to potentially strengthen their tech exposure.

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