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Revolution to Reality – Exploring the Power of Artificial Intelligence

In our second season of The Angle from T. Rowe Price, we explore the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI). Does AI represent the monumental change that headlines often indicate, or should we temper expectations? Where are we seeing the initial impacts on industries, and are there hidden risks to monitor?

Join host Jennifer Martin, portfolio specialist, and guests as we consider the evolving implications for financial markets and the global economy – including the potential opportunities and pitfalls.

image of solar pannels and storage units
From the Field – What’s New

Will AI power up or slow down sustainable development?

AI can play an important role in sustainable development, but also poses some unique risks. Host Jennifer Martin is joined by Maria Elena Drew, Director of Research for Responsible Investing, to discuss the key challenges.

June 2024

AI and the global economy: unlocking key trends and opportunities

How could AI impact the broad economy? Host Jennifer Martin, Blerina Uruçi (Chief U.S. Economist), and Kimberly Johnson (Chief Operating Officer) discuss AI’s implications on growth, employment, and productivity.

June 2024

Unleashing the power of AI in investment research

How could asset managers use AI to boost and refine investment research? Host Jennifer Martin is joined by Jordan Vinarub, head of our Tech Development Center, and Jay Nogueira, Director of Equity Research.

June 2024

Beyond tech: harnessing AI’s potential for innovation and growth

Beyond the technology sector, how is artificial intelligence being used in broader market areas? Host Jennifer Martin and guests discuss within the context of the basic resources and real estate sectors, respectively.

June 2024

Artificial Intelligence – the new electricity?

Could artificial intelligence be on par with the advent of electricity in terms of potential impact on productivity? Host Jennifer Martin is joined by Dom Rizzo and Jim Stillwagon, both portfolio managers focused on global communications and technology.

new electricity
May 2024

The rise of artificial intelligence – Transforming the world

The speed of innovation and acceleration of the AI cycle has taken the market by storm. Host Jennifer Martin is joined by David Eiswert, portfolio manager focused on global equities to learn how a diversified portfolio manager is navigating the AI investment cycle.

Headshot of Jennifer Martin - Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin is a global equity portfolio specialist in the U.S. Equity Division for T. Rowe Price Associates, and a vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. Jennifer's investment experience began in 1996, and she has been with T. Rowe Price since 2005. She presently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Baltimore Museum of Art and is a committee member for the Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, Asset Management Practicum.

The Blue Economy — Making Waves

In our inaugural season of The Angle from T. Rowe Price, we dive into the world of the blue economy.  The economic contribution of the world’s oceans and water resources is immense, including areas such as transportation, renewable energy, aquaculture, and utilities. At the same time, oceans and other water resources are under threat from climate change, pollution, overfishing, and habitat damage, among a host of other pressures. Can innovations in blue financing help create a more protected and sustainable water economy? Join host Nick Trueman, head of EMEA Distribution, as we explore this rapidly evolving area of the global economy and financial markets. 

From the Field · What's New

How aquatic alliances work to support ocean sustainability

The world’s oceans serve vital functions for economies and ecosystems. Host Nick Trueman andguests from Baltimore’s National Aquarium consider how connecting people with water can make a difference to sustainable development.

February 2024

Discovering the potential of the blue economy through sustainable development

A significant share of the global economy depends on ocean and clean water resources. Yet, sustainability issues are an increasing challenge. Host Nick Trueman and guests discuss this rapidly evolving area of the world economy.

February 2024

How are emerging markets confronting El Niño and climate risks?

The blue economy faces many challenges, as water resources come under pressure from a range of risks. Host Nick Trueman and guests explore the disruption of the El Nino weather pattern and risks to emerging market economies.

February 2024

Can Innovations in finance really support the blue economy?

With rising threats to the world’s water resources, enabling sustainable development is vital.  In this episode, host Nick Trueman and guests discuss the emergence of blue financing to help bridge the funding gap.

March 2024

Water stress—the hidden risk in Latin America

Water security is vital for sustainable development. Yet mismanagement, pollution, and climate change are increasing water insecurity. Host Nick Trueman and guests consider the implications for companies in South America.

March 2024

Sustainable investing – can impact be feasibly measured?

Innovations in finance are working to support more sustainable development efforts in the blue economy. But can we know if they’re really working? Host Nick Trueman and guests discuss the advances being made.

Headshot of Nick Truman - Podcast Host

Podcast Host

Nick Trueman 

Nick Trueman is the head of EMEA Distribution. He oversees distribution and marketing activities across the region. With the firm since 2007, he has previously held roles in consultant relations and as head of APAC Distribution. Nick is a member of the Global Distribution Executive, the Investment Management Steering, and the Product Steering Committees. He is also a vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.

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