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From the Field

How do U.S. elections affect stock market performance?

It’s the economy that matters for U.S. presidential elections and stocks.

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From the Field

Adding emerging market debt exposure? Look to local bonds.

Five reasons to add emerging market debt to a bond portfolio.

From the Field

Hedging inflation risk

Recession fears are fading, but inflation concerns are on the rise.

In the Spotlight

The Angle podcast

The Angle podcast brings you sharp insights on the forces shaping financial markets. With dynamic perspectives from the T. Rowe Price global investing team and special guests, curious investors can gain an information edge on today’s evolving market themes. Better questions, better insights. The Angle - only from T. Rowe Price.

From the Field

Are UK stocks too cheap to ignore?

Improving fundamentals are not yet reflected in prices.

From the Field

Vietnam: Asia’s next frontier tiger

Tailwinds are gathering to support another major leap.

From the Field

With rising headwinds, uncover the power of quality credit research

Corporate bonds offer attractive income, but security selection is imperative amid headwinds.

From the Field

Investment implications of generative artificial intelligence

Reasons why investors should embrace AI as a long-term investment theme.

From the Field

The U.S. economy has defied recessionary fears. What now?

An economic “soft landing” is undoubtedly positive, but there are reasons to be cautious.

From the Field

A closer look at the diversification potential of private assets

Private assets can enhance multi-asset portfolios. However, careful risk analysis is needed.

From the Field

Free Talk: The tipping point

Sharing insights on the tipping points of macro and bond market could help investors identify the compelling opportunities for the rest of 2024.

From the Field

The case for value

Reasonable valuations could provide an upside surprise.

From the Field

Three key themes in emerging markets for 2024

Emerging markets are poised for a year of interest rate cuts in 2024.

From the Field

Conditions are ripe for a Goldilocks economy, but dangers lurk

Slowing inflation and the scope for rate cuts suggest a moderate growth recovery is in the cards, but geopolitical risks could undermine this.

From the Field

New diabetes and obesity drugs show promise for patients and investors

 GLP-1 treatments are poised to reshape the health care sector.

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