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Shamal Shete
Senior Business Analyst

4/29/2019 | By Corporate Publishing | Faces of T. Rowe Price

Shamal Shete, Senior Business Analyst
“Having a multicultural background gives me an advantage in solving some problems because I have a different frame of reference. I think Indian culture is very accommodating, and when one of my team members has a problem, we can sit and have an honest dialogue, without being too formal.”

As a Senior Business Analyst with T. Rowe Price, Shamal Shete has seen the firm recognize talent and go the extra mile to support it. For example, when her new manager expressed interest in creating a new operations support team for the front office, he zeroed in on Shamal's interest in data. “I had a conversation with him which led to him asking, 'Would you like to manage a team?'" she recalls. “I immediately said yes. I felt I was ready, and he saw that I could do it too. We hired a few people, and it's been going well."

Shamal, who previously worked as a Business Analyst in the State Department as well as other companies, has always been interested in working in the finance industry, especially in investments. She's endlessly curious about trends in stocks and markets, particularly the analysis. Fortunately, her job at T. Rowe Price regularly offers her opportunities to learn more about these topics. “It makes me really excited to come to work every day," she says. "And I'm not just saying that. I really mean it."

While working at T. Rowe Price, Shamal has had regular access to many different types of new technologies. “Here we have constant exposure and training on all these innovations and proofs of concept," she says. “With T. Rowe Price, the focus is on how these technologies work better for the business and the users. As a business analyst, I get to work with both the business users as well as the development teams. It's satisfying to get a view from both sides. I get to see the whole picture."

T. Rowe Price is also unique in its approach to team building, in which diverse perspectives are recognized and valued as a way to build an even stronger team. “Here everybody brings something different to the table," Shamal says. “I'm from India where people can be very informal, and I bring that approach to my team. For example, if a colleague has an issue, we can talk, and we can often solve it just by having an open dialogue rather than being too formal. In this case, my background gives me an edge in solving some problems." She also finds that her American colleagues, as well as those who come from Turkey or China, have other advantages to problem-solving.

While her traditions might differ from those of her colleagues, she's never felt isolated by her unique background even during moments when she has struggled to connect to American culture. “For instance, if you're celebrating a holiday and nobody else around you is, you feel alone, sort of depressed, like you can't even celebrate," Shamal explains. That's why she appreciates that T. Rowe Price acknowledges and celebrates all types of global holidays, including Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights celebrated each fall.

“I've never felt once that I'm different in a negative way than the other team members at the firm," says Shamal. “Instead, I've felt that there are various opportunities for me to learn because of my different background. I get support and help from my colleagues and my manager to that end, and I feel I have been able to acquire new opportunities in my work and my family life as well."

Speaking of family, when Shamal struggled to find after-school care for her child starting kindergarten, she worked out a plan with her manager to adjust her work schedule while continuing to support the team. She encourages other young women in the financial services industry and in technology who might be facing similar obstacles to stick with it. “I've always felt that I've gotten a lot of support from the managers I've worked with and others too," she says. “The future looks good."