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Sam Crowther
Compliance Manager

Sam Crowther
"I had a few bumps in the road over the last couple of years in my personal life. The support that I've had from my management line has been absolutely brilliant."

Finding intellectual stimulation and a community of supportive colleagues in compliance management at T. Rowe Price.

After four years of working at a leading investment bank, Sam Crowther was ready for a change. Crowther, now a London-based compliance manager for T. Rowe Price, explains why his career move was the right decision for him.

"At the time, I was talking to T. Rowe Price and another firm, and the job opportunities were very similar. They were both general advisory type roles," he recalls. "I ultimately chose T. Rowe Price because of its reputation both as a firm and as an employer."

Sam supports T. Rowe Price's business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on regulatory compliance. "That might include regulatory development, implementing associated policies and procedures, as well as the training and advising on those policies and procedures," he explains.

Regulators rely on him to respond to inquiries. He also provides strategic guidance on other issues impacting the firm. These include complex corporate matters, such as the impact of Brexit on the firm's operations.

A Job That Never Stands Still

Compliance is often fast-paced and requires great attention to detail. However, Sam finds its demanding nature intellectually rewarding.

"I need to understand how things work," he says. "Picking apart a new regulation or piece of legislation and figuring out how it might fit T. Rowe Price's business model works well for me."

The need to stay on top of everything might overwhelm many. For Sam, it's one of the most exciting aspects of his role.

"Whether it involves internal queries or a regulator's new consultations and policy changes, I constantly get opportunities to work on new things and keep learning," he explains. "It's impossible to stand still in this job, which keeps it interesting."

A Collegial Atmosphere for Synergy

Sam's role requires constant collaboration with business partners across the firm and the Compliance Monitoring, Marketing Compliance, Investment Compliance, and Legal teams.

"It's quite a collegial atmosphere, and everyone works well together," he says.

That synergy was particularly apparent last year when the teams went through a tough work period concerning client regulatory pressures.

A Shared Passion for Excellence

Sam holds himself to a pretty high standard and is delighted to see that his fellow T. Rowe Price associates do, too. At previous jobs, colleagues sometimes let him down when they didn't share his high level of commitment. "What I experienced a few years back — seeing my team and my managers and the whole management line on the same page as me — was encouraging."

However, in his new role, he was pleased to see that his colleagues shared his passion for excellence: All his colleagues were fully engaged and cooperated during late nights and back-to-back weekends to get the work done.

"It helped bring us closer together as a team, and we hit a really good rhythm at that point," Sam remembers.

A Support System for Road Bumps

Sam continues to notice other striking qualities that make T. Rowe Price stand out as an employer.

"I had a few bumps in the road over the last couple of years in my personal life. The support that I've had from my management line has been absolutely brilliant," he says. "I also see the other services and initiatives they offer to all associates, such as a formal assistance program for support as well as a confidential advice line."

While many employers claim to care about their employees, Sam's colleagues at T. Rowe Price have proven to him that they actually do.

Nurturing a Culture of Kindness

T. Rowe Price also distinguishes itself from other employers with its commitment to giving back to the community.

"Our Corporate Responsibility Program partners with the East London Business Alliance. That organization helps us identify local job candidates we may not typically have access to," he says, "whether it's people taking a different career path or a mature candidate who's returning to work."

Sam's team recruited one such candidate into a compliance apprenticeship role. This new colleague has since been fully onboarded as a compliance associate following the successful completion of that apprenticeship program.

During his transition into T. Rowe Price, Sam benefited from the same approach to training and support.

"Moving into a managerial role was a challenge for me in some respects, like getting comfortable delegating work," Sam says.

However, the formal management training provided by T. Rowe Price supported his growth into a more supervisory role. His own manager's approach also served as a great example.

"More Support Than You May Realize"

Today, Sam has settled into providing his firm advice on some of the most crucial business decisions.

Looking back, Sam would advise those just beginning their careers to have patience while urging them to hone their eyes for detail and always foster kindness.

"Don't rush the small tasks just because you think you know something. You'll get caught out at least once," Sam cautions. "Always be kind to your admin team because they will support you more than you may realize."