Collaboration. Innovation. Integrity.

The culture of T. Rowe Price is built and sustained by our values. Different perspectives, opinions, and experiences are encouraged to yield the best outcomes for our clients and the firm. We also celebrate the unique experiences of our associates and foster their commitment to the communities where they work and live. We believe in the long-term success of our clients, our associates, and the firm.

Featured: Faces of T. Rowe Price

Tokes Ojo-Ade, VP Individual Investors Marketing

“I love innovation and I love learning and trying out new things, testing them and learning from it. For me, it’s all part of that idea and helping the greater good because if you can come up with new and innovative ways of making your clients happy, that’s nirvana.”

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Octavia Carifi-Ansley, Senior Recruiter

“I always believe when your passion and your skill match, you have a great opportunity because then you can help support whatever it is you’re doing and feel fulfilled. You’ll give your best every day, even during the challenging times.”


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Chris Burton, Operations Supervisor

“As far as leadership style is concerned, I think you should be able to collaborate and everybody should be able to take away something from every interaction...I’m learning as much from the team as they’re learning from me.”

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Teresa Woodard, Head of Trading Analytics

“If you can have impact, no one is going to push you away from the table. If you have an interesting perspective or you know something that someone else doesn’t know, they’re not going to say that because of your title we’re not going to listen to you. It’s one of the things that, as I start to reflect back, has been a constant throughout my career.”

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Kyle Lagratta, Institutional Defined Contribution Specialist

“Getting to know people, how they operate, how they make decisions, what drives them, and what problems they are trying to solve, allows us to be better informed when providing clients with solutions,"

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Kalisa Hines,
Lead Manager,
HR Shared Services

“I'd tell my younger self to never be afraid of a challenge and to be vulnerable. We have to be vulnerable to learn, which enables growth to take place"

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Chris Keelan,
Digital Project Manager

“I feel fortunate to work for a company where all levels of the organization place such an emphasis on associate development and career progression,"

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Ann Holcomb,
Portfolio Manager

“I am fortunate to work with some of the smartest people I know in an environment that is supportive and fulfilling,"


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Celebrate Veteran's Day at T. Rowe Price

In advance of Veterans Day on November 11, T. Rowe Price associates are working with the USO to assemble more than 17,000 care packages –up from last year's 14,000– at its locations in Maryland, Colorado, and Florida. Associates in the New York office are also busy assembling 25 bicycles for active duty service members. And at the USO's Fall Fest in Germany, T. Rowe Price volunteers will offer financial education content to more than 700 service members and their families.

How T. Rowe Price's Stock Pitch Workshop
for Women Promotes Gender Equity

T. Rowe Price is proactively working to increase the number of women working in the financial services industry. One way T. Rowe Price is doing this is by offering an annual Stock Pitch Workshop for Women. The program's goal is to help young women build the skills and confidence they need to interview for asset management positions.

How T. Rowe Price Appeals to Diverse Talent:
A Q&A with MBA Day Participant Tega Edah

Diversity is a core value at T. Rowe Price. For the past 12 years, it's also been the inspiration for MBA Day. The weekend-long program familiarizes students of diverse backgrounds with the firm and gives them a taste of what it's like to live and work in Baltimore.