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Financial Stress Is a Predictor of Financial Wellness

Our research highlights how financial wellness can enable retirement savings. The retirement industry can play a key role.

Workers’ financial stress is a predictor of financial wellness

Respondents to our latest Retirement Savings and Spending Study detail their stressors:

1. Trouble budgeting

one-third report that they struggle to stick to monthly budgets

2. Inability to manage debt

more than one-third of those with student loan debt struggle to repay it

3. Lack of savings

one-quarter believe they will have to reduce their standard of living in retirement

People with higher budget-related stress report saving 25% less than those with lower levels of financial stress.


Nearly 80% of participants rely on their workplace for advice and support. Your plan can be a critical resource for your employees' financial wellness.

You can help your employees achieve financial wellness by:

Targeting communications to encourage workers to take financially healthy actions. Promoting programs and tools to help employees with budgeting. Offering measurement and assessment tools that reinforce healthy behaviors and their connection to successful retirement outcomes.

See what else our research revealed:

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