2021 Mutual Fund Year-End Dividend and Capital Gains Distributions

Year-end dividend and capital gains information for 2021 is provided below. See personal Dividend and Capital Gains information for your account.

The tables below exclude capital gains and quarterly dividends paid earlier in 2021 and income that is paid monthly. 

Remember, you should not prepare your taxes until you receive all of your official tax forms. Please note, shareholders of the T. Rowe Price Real Estate Fund, T. Rowe Price Global Real Estate Fund, T. Rowe Price Real Assets Fund, and T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value Fund will receive 1099-DIV and 1099-B forms in mid-February. See the Tax Information Mailing Schedule for more information.

Definitions Related to Distributions

Declaration Date—Funds announce the amount of the dividend to be paid to investors on the declaration date.

Record Date—Shareholders must own shares on the record date to be eligible to receive a declared distribution.

Ex-Dividend Date—Each fund's share price (net asset value) is reduced by the amount of the per-share distribution on this date. 

Reinvestment Date—Distribution amounts are reinvested in fund shares on this date for shareholders who elect this option. 

Payment Date—Distribution amounts are mailed by check on this date to shareholders of record who receive distributions in cash.

Two Business Days After Payment Date—Shareholder accounts are updated on this date to show exact distribution amounts and may be accessed at troweprice.com/access.

1 Formerly T. Rowe Price New America Growth.

2 The income dividends were declared on December 8, 2021. The amounts are rounded from nine decimal places to four decimal places. Income dividends are paid monthly. The reinvestment is December 31, 2021, and payment date is January 3, 2022.

3 The record/declaration date of this distribution is December 29, 2021 and the ex-dividend/reinvestment/payment date is December 30, 2021.

4 Formerly T. Rowe Price Spectrum Growth.

5 Formerly T. Rowe Price Spectrum International.

For information on all fund classes (Investor, Advisor, R, and I classes, Institutional and F classes, and Portfolio and Portfolio—II classes), please visit our website for financial intermediaries.

For ETF distribution information, please visit T. Rowe Price Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Dividend Distributions.

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