Investment Approach

  • Dual mandate simultaneously seeks both benchmark outperformance and positive environmental and social impact by investing in durable growing businesses with measurable impact criteria
  • Strategy is aligned to the UN Sustained Development Goals (UNSDGs), a globally recognized framework designed to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity
  • Pursuing positive impact drives every investment decision, which we assess across three pillars:

          1) climate and resource impact; 

          2) social equity and quality of life;

          3) sustainable innovation and productivity

  • Strategy applies a high-conviction, impact-oriented approach designed to create a diversified portfolio to balance risk and opportunity

Portfolio Construction

  • Strategy uses a global opportunity set to look across all countries, sectors, and market capitalizations, while actively excluding non-impact areas of the global economy, to find stocks with clear impact and financial return markers.
  • Leverages integrated fundamental research and ESG resources to systematically and proactively evaluate the quality and long-term sustainability of investment candidates
  • Target number of holdings is between 55-85 stocks
  • Typical position sizes ranges from 0.5-5.0%
  • Strategy incorporates environmental and social impact criteria into its investment process, which carries risk. As such, it could perform differently from a strategy that relies solely on financial metrics. The strategy may also not succeed in generating a positive environmental and social impact.
  • Strategy invests overseas, including in emerging market countries, and its foreign holdings could be affected by declining foreign currencies or adverse political or economic events