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Impact Investing

Invest in companies which make an impact

We believe we can generate both compelling investment returns and social and environmental impacts for our investors.

Invest in societal and environmental change

Why should we consider impact investing? We are living in a time of environmental and societal change that is defining a generation. Therefore it is increasingly important to ensure our investments are aligned to changing expectations around sustainability and fairness. 

More and more investors are clearly inclined towards sustainability; but impact investing goes further.We believe impact investing is vital in helping investors who seek to own companies that are on the side of secular change that aligns with our impact goals. It creates a real opportunity to select stocks that we believe will deliver a favourable impact profile and capture the return potential that this can bring.

As impact investors, we believe we have a unique opportunity to play a key role in helping deliver positive outcomes that the world is increasingly seeking — partnering with clients, investors, and business interests in the process. 

"Impact is about the present, but includes dimensions of change and persistence. Impact requires conscious action, skilled execution and the commitment of additionality."

Investing in Sustainable Solutions​

  • We align our investments with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to direct capital toward specific impact outcomes
  • We incorporate ESG factors into our investment analysis and base each investment decision on a material and measurable positive impact thesis

Forward-looking and Resilient​

  • We apply a forward-looking mindset and a perspective on change, in order to seek positive impact and potential financial returns for our clients
  • We identify inefficiencies embedded in markets by combining our active and high conviction approach, with our traditional and responsible investment research capability 

Active Influence

  • We commit to using our scale and resources to promote and progress the impact agenda via active ownership and impact-oriented company engagement
  • We adopt an outcome-oriented approach to active ownership and report on progress regularly

How we view impact investing

Find out how we view impact investing as a way to drive environmental and societal change.

The Blue Economy - Making Waves

T. Rowe Price and the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank Group) are partnering to grow the blue bond market to address the planetary and societal risks posed by the current underfunding of the blue economy.

Global Impact Equity

Global Impact Credit

US Impact Equity

The value of your investment will vary and is not guaranteed. It will be affected by changes in the exchange rate between the base currency of the portfolio and the currency in which you subscribed, if different.

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