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Women at T. Rowe Price
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In the first days of T. Rowe Price, women worked in a variety of roles as writers, accountants, portfolio managers, client relationship specialists, administrative assistants, sales representatives, and research analysts. In fact, of the first four associates to join Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., when he founded the firm, two were women.

In 1946, when the firm first incorporated, Eleanor Gherky Price (Mr. Price’s wife and a major investor who provided seed capital to establish the firm) served as one of the four founding Board members.

Early associates who shaped our firm

Marie Walper

Marie Walper, the firm’s first associate, single-handedly managed nearly all administrative duties for the company during its formative years. As new personnel came on board later, she remained Mr. Price’s personal assistant and sounding board, helped codify the firm’s corporate ethics and culture, and served as treasurer of the entire corporation.

Dorothy Krug

Isabella Craig initially handled statistical calculations and accounting for the firm for many years, before becoming the secretary of the corporation and a client counselor in charge of many accounts. Early associates credited her elegant, clear speaking and writing style as a major influence on the quality of the firm’s and Mr. Price’s own writings.

Isabella Craig

Dorothy Krug began her tenure in 1943 when there were only four other associates. The Goucher College alumna handled many duties, primarily secretarial work, accounting, and client counseling. By the time she retired in 1976, T. Rowe Price had grown from a five-person start-up to an internationally known investment management powerhouse.

The success of a firm such as ours is dependent upon its personnel. The most important asset we can have is good will, which is so difficult to build up and so easy to lose.

Watch: The Enduring Legacy of Women at T. Rowe Price   

The work and leadership of the earliest female associates carries forward to our current corporate culture, immersed in collaboration and diversity of thought.

Our commitment to inclusion

At T. Rowe Price, the long-term success of our clients is made possible by the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, talents, and experiences of our associates. We put our beliefs into practice by actively attracting, developing, advancing, and retaining principled women. In fact, 44% of our global workforce is women, as of November 30, 2022. 

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