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We are committed to helping families save for future education expenses and have the resources they need to support and strengthen their savings strategy. Explore our list of tools below.

Set Your Savings Goal

The T. Rowe Price College Savings Calculator provides customized projections and helpful information on how a tax-advantaged 529 plan can help your family save for college. Estimate your future college expenses and create a plan to start saving.

Automate Your College Savings

Contribute early and regularly with automatic monthly contributions Automatic Monthly Contributions. 

  • Start with as little as $50 per month
  • Contribute directly from your checking or savings accounts
  • Increase or decrease contributions at any time

Get Savings Insights From Our Experts

Our Certified Financial Planners share their knowledge and experience on evaluating college savings plans, supplementary savings ideas, financial aid, 529 market viewpoints, and more.

Invite Family and Friends to Help With GoTuition®

Give the gift they'll never outgrow. With the GoTuition gifting portal, friends and family can contribute to your child's T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan account in lieu of traditional gifts for celebrations like graduations, holidays, and birthdays.

View Your Savings Progress With SmartVideo

As an account holder, you will receive personalized videos that provide you with an overview of your savings progress depending on where your child is with his or her college savings timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my beneficiary doesn’t go to college? 


There are no time restrictions for using 529 college savings plan accounts, so if your beneficiary does not go to college...

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What should I do if my beneficiary receives a scholarship?


There are several options available if your beneficiary receives a scholarship: Use your 529 savings...

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