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Many parents are overwhelmed by the cost of college. The good news? We're breaking down the costs and funding methods to simplify things. A 529 plan is a great place to start your overall savings strategy, which can also include scholarships, current income, and financial aid. As an example, you may pay for one-third of college with scholarships and/or financial aid and another third of college with your current income. A college savings plan can help you cover that last third. Use the calculator below to help understand future college expenses and to estimate how much to save in order to stay on track with your college savings goals.


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Estimating your future costs is key in building a smart savings plan. Selecting the right investment portfolio(s) for your needs can help put your goals within reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will opening a 529 plan account affect our chances for financial aid?


Assets in a 529 plan tend to have a low impact on financial aid. A 529 plan owned by a custodial parent or dependent...

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What if my beneficiary doesn’t go to college?


There are no time restrictions for using 529 college savings plan accounts, so if your beneficiary does not go to college...

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