Everything You Need to Stay On Course

Track Your Goals, Adjust Investments, Pay School Expenses, and More

Whether you have just opened a 529 account, are nearing the end of your savings journey, or are someplace in-between, we have the expertise and resources you need.

Stay on Track With Your Savings Goals

Our tools and resources were designed to help you plan and strengthen your strategy with ease. Learn about AMC, track your savings progress, explore gifting options, use our T. Rowe Price College Savings Calculator to estimate how much you may need to save, and more.

View Account Forms and Plan Documents

Need to make a change to your account? You can log in to make most adjustments online or access our complete list of forms and documents.

Explore the College Savings Library

T. Rowe Price Certified Financial Planners bring you college savings strategies, market perspectives, investment education, planning and preparation assistance, and more. Gain valuable perspectives and professional insight on maintaining a well-suited plan for your family's future.

Adjust Your Investment Strategy With Confidence

Situations change and your savings strategy can too. Our investment options provide you with the choice and flexibility to determine the best plan for your family and your goals. And with a transparent view of each portfolio's composition details, historical performance, and fee breakdown, you can make an informed decision with confidence.

Access Your Funds for School Expenses

We make it easy for you to access your money when you need it and we're making the process as seamless as possible.

To take a distribution online, simply log in and select Distribute from the list of account transactions. If you'd like to request a distribution via mail instead, please fill out a Distribution form and return it to the address provided. For additional distribution information, please visit our FAQ page.

Additional Assistance

Have a specific question about your account or a unique situation? Contact one of our College Savings Specialists for additional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the account holder on my account?


Yes. You can change the account holder at any time by completing the Account Holder Change form...

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Where and how are the distributions sent? 


Where and how distributions are issued varies depending on the distribution method selected...

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